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Goldsmiths House - Camden

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About Goldsmiths House - Camden

Goldsmiths House is a student housing in London that offers around 82 female-only rooms. All rooms are in a single style, meaning the bathroom is shared with the rest of your flatmates. 


The buildings facilities include free Wi-Fi, on-site laundrette, wheelchair access, free insurance, secure door entry, communal areas, CCTV, bike storage, 24-hour reception desk, all bills included, onsite security and maintenance team. 


Goldsmiths House building is quite vintage in the old English style and surrounded by greenery from every direction. The premises is located in a special place where all your daily needs are fulfilled. Metabolic gym is right across the street for a morning workout before class. Ubitricity charging station is right around the corner.


Few restaurants are surrounding the building, Lost Boys Pizza Camden is across the street. Costa Coffee is a 10-minute walk from the premises. Green Light Pharmacy is another 10-minute walk. Asakusa, a Japanese takeout is right across the street. 


Sainsbury's Local supermarket is a 15-minute walk from the premises where you can get all your grocery needs. Woody Grill is a kebab shop, around 15 to 20-minutes away from the premises. A famous Argentinian restaurant called La Patagonia is a 20-minute walk, you can enjoy the cuisine in a night out with friends.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **


Park Village E, London NW1 3SX, United Kingdom

The University College of London and the London School of Economics (LSE) are quite close to the premises.

Around 10 bus stations are surrounding the premises. The closest station is Cumberland Terrace followed by Regent's Park Barracks and Mornington Crescent (Stop A). 

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24/7 Security + CCTV
Building has security teams and cameras to ensure you're safe at all times.
Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Common Social Room
Communal lounge to socialize with like-minded students.
Contents of your room are to be fixed if you're not responsible for their damage.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Maintenance
Get things fixed immediately.
Secure Bike Storage
On-site bike racks to park safely.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.
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Reviews ?

Jessie Lan
a month ago
All the staff, amenities, and location are great. If you want to chill a bit, you can just pop up to the Camden market and river, or the Regents Park. The Hight st. is also nearby so you can get your necessities quite easily. The best part is all flatmates are female and they are really awesome and friendly. You can make lots of friends here. Though the road across the accommodation is under construction, the window is soundproof and you can barely hear any noise with the window closed. Highly recommend it.
4 months ago
I enjoyed staying here for the past two years. Experiences at student halls would always depend on who the flatmates are, and I was blessed to have so many nice people around me. People staying here seemed to be generally nicer/ more responsible at least in comparison to my previous hall. - The house is small enough to become familiar with most people including the reception and cleaning staff. The fact that we only have one big dining room also helped for getting to know each other. - Communal areas are well cleaned (unless there's that one resident who makes a mess) and the shared shower room was very new looking. - One side of the building has a railway + long term construction at the moment, but the admin team is very understanding and would work out a quieter room if available.
a year ago
I stayed in Goldsmiths house from 2019-2020,it had been such a wonderful experience. I heard alot about horrible accomodations and flats,but this place wasn't. I came from a very socially connected family and country to study my master in the UK,and I was expecting myself to struggle with being lonely and not having the real sense of family,but it didn't happen. Can you imagine that I really started to miss my family back home when I moved out of Goldmiths?!. This is because the family atmosphere that I felt while living there. Also,this place has everything that you need make out the best of your studies for many reasons: Firstly,it is always clean,all the common areas are sparklingly clean all the day because of the very dedicated staff who are always there and they clean on a daily basis. The only thing you need to take care of is your room. Secondly, The availability of the quite study room helped me alot while searching for a place to focus and not sleep ( I'm a library person,I am not the kind of people who have the strong will for studying on their room,I used to spend all my study time in libraries). Some people also study in the dinning room ,which is such a large space that can accommodate many activities at the same time. Oh ,and the fantastic garden ,it's perfect for getting your thoughts together. Thirdly,the staff,starting from the management team who had been very helpful from the day I signed the contract.They always try hardly to find solution for everyone,and they always show understanding. I will mention two things that happened for me personally that I will never forget: Due to some restrictions on the bank transfer from my country,I didn't pay the first installment and I'd signed to pay when I arrive to UK and the first week to be payed separately untill I open the bank account here and receive the money transfer.But when I arrived to the UK and to Goldmiths,openning the bank account took some time and there was adminstrative delays in sending money from my sponsor side. I was panicking alot and I didn't want to tell my family or anyone about that.I told the manager about the story and she was just like a "mother" ,she solved the situation by making another contract to pay on weekly basis untill I receive the fund. And not only that,she even asked me if this might affect my budget so she can have another solution. I was not expecting something like this to happen at all. Even during my last payment,she was not there,but she adviced the other accommodation manger to see if I want to pay later , because she was expecting the same delay to happen but it didn't. This example clearly shows their willingness to help their residing students and make life simpler for them. The other example was the other staff members: the cleaning and maintenance staff and the receptionists,they are all lovely and kind. I remember when I stay in my room and not appear for some days they ask me the moment they see me where I have been and whether everything was okay with me. I felt they are like a family. The last thing to mention is the other students in this place. I am getting out with ones that I can call sisters,and I mean that. Although we encounter different kinds of people in life,but most of the students there are really amazing. It's also interesting to point out the activities that are usually planned by the management team for the purpose of connecting people together,such as having some breakfasts together , celebrating Christmas together and many other activities.Indeed,it helped me more to know most of the people who lived there and to have a longer chat when most of the people used to be very busy during week term time. I would strongly recommend this place for any female searching for a place to stay in London,and it's also important to consider the location and the proximity to universities, regent's park,Camden high street. Again,if you are searching for a clean, socially connected,perfectly located,well managed and organised and study conductive place,this should be your best option. Highly recommend ed
11 months ago
Firstly I don't understand why a male has reviewed this hostel as it's a women's only hostel. Not sure what that is about.. the only men you will find there are staff members. I stayed at Goldsmith house for a few years as a student and found my experience at Goldsmith House has been quite negative. I experienced many issues with the place like seeing Rats/mice in the kitchen (sometimes bedrooms). There was constant refurbishment…If you are a student, this is probably one of the worst things as there is always a disturbance of some sort… sometimes they are changing the doors, windows, painting the corridors, changing the carpets, lounge room refurbishment…the list goes on. Let’s not forget the waterworks going on outside (no one seems to know when it will end..a year? 5 years..?). If you are looking to complete at least one assignment in your place of residence, I don’t recommend staying here. You do need to be careful if you are out and about on your own at night. There were several instances when staff sent out emails to all residents about incidents involving phone theft occurring close to the residence. Oh yeah, my bike got stolen from the bike shed too (more on that in my next point). I suggest that you plan to arrive back at the hostel with another resident or within the day time/ busier hours. Also, avoid taking your phone out wherever possible around the building. Half of the concierge were found asleep rather than actually doing their job. That’s how my bike got stolen from the bike shed. I saw the concierge fast asleep and the next day my bike was gone. If the concierge had been awake and monitoring the security cameras, I probably wouldn’t have had my property stolen. If the gate was left open, this should have been picked up on in the security footage, and the concierge should have closed the gate ensuring all entrances are closed preventing strangers from entering the property. Don’t put too much stock in the fact that a 24-hour concierge is present - you will still need to be vigilant when it comes to your own safety inside the building. Kitchens were left in a disgusting state with bins overflowing and not a single clean worktop. It is a complete pigsty on the weekends. If you can afford to, avoid the kitchens on weekends and public holidays - it is not a pretty sight. Also, there were obnoxious members of the cleaning team that would constantly be heard shouting to one another or on the phone. Not what you really want to hear when you’re trying to sleep or study. Sometimes they carried out room checks, using their keys to knock on the door very loudly. Many of the new heaters didn’t work properly which led to multiple, ongoing complaints to the maintenance team. It was pretty cold in the winter but thankfully we were provided with portable heaters. Just be aware that there is a pattern of unsuccessful installations/renovations. There was one particular incident when the second-floor toilets had flooded and the water was leaking through the light on the floor below but the concierge failed to call emergency services. Instead, the residents were forced to call the fire brigade. It is a nightmare living in this place and I don’t recommend it.
Susan Mcdonnell
a year ago
Goldsmiths House is a fantastic place to live. It is clean, safe and very central to London. A 20 minute walk to Tottenham Court Road, 30 minute walk to Oxford Street, and you are right in the centre of London.The staff who work at Goldsmiths House are great. The Reception,Security, Cleaning and Maintenance staff will always help you if they can. Christopher Thomas the senior Housing Manager is especially helpful, and will always do his best to sort out any problems that you have. The cleaning staff do a great job at keeping the building clean. They clean it to a high standard. Kitchens, Shower rooms and Toilets cleaned thoroughly every day.The Maintenance staff will do their best to fix any maintenance jobs within the building as soon as possible. If you do have a problem you can go to Reception and know you can speak to them in confidence. There is 24 Security in the building so you always feel safe. It is a Women's only student accommodation, so a lot of women will feel happy and reassured about that. For runners and walkers, Regents Park is just around the corner. Regents Park houses London Zoo.Camden High Street and the famous Camden Market is also around the corner. The High street has all the major Supermarkets, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi.The building itself is a mix of new and modern. Even though it is not a new building, it has been upgraded to a high standard. Kitchens, Shower rooms and Toilets. Goldsmiths House also has a large garden, which is really rare in Central London. In the Summer you can done al fresco with your friends, or just sit in the garden with your books or laptops. It is also very quiet, so you are rarely disturbed by other residents when you are in your own room. It is on a side street so therefore does not get much traffic or noise. I would definitely recommend Goldsmiths House as a place to live for women students. P.s Forgot to say about the nice friendly atmosphere and the close proximity to UCL SOAS Birkbeck Universities, and other Colleges.
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