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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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London Nest Don Gratton House

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About London Nest Don Gratton House

London, the capital of the UK, is its biggest city. It is one of the most populated cities in the world. It is the third-most populous city in Europe.

Don Gratton House is a student housing in London that offers double ensuites. They feature a double bed, a study desk and a chair, a wardrobe, a private bathroom, and plenty of storage space. 

The residence has a variety of facilities and services. The facilities include Wi-Fi and broadband throughout, a laundry room, and a shared space. Other services include on-site security and CCTV, a roof terrace, bike storage, on-site maintenance, and wheelchair accessibility. It’s quite the choice for people looking for student houses in London to rent.

The property is located on Old Montague Street, only a 22-minute ride from Central London. It is surrounded by many energetic and interesting locations, including eatery spots, entertainment venues, and other places of interest. If you’re a Mexican cuisine enthusiast, you’ll definitely enjoy eating at DF Tacos-Shoreditch. It serves delicious Mexican dishes, including tacos, in a stylish and modern setting. If you want to grab a quick bite, Honest Burgers Spitalfields is just ten minutes away, and it offers juicy burgers plus fries and drinks in a bright space. Pizza Union Aldgate is another nearby eatery offering mouth-watering pizza in a lively atmosphere. 

When you need to do some grocery shopping, Tesco Express is just four minutes on foot, and it has plenty of products at reasonable prices to cater to your needs. After your busy day on campus, we suggest you blow off some steam by taking a casual evening stroll at Rope Walk Gardens, where you can enjoy the greenery and the scenery. Over the weekend, you may enjoy a night out with your pals and watch the latest box office movies at the Curzon Aldgate movie theatre. You may also choose to go on a shopping spree at Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, where you’ll find lots of shops, stores, and boutiques. Another thing you can do during the weekend is visit the iconic Tower of London, where you can explore the Crown Jewels and Beefeaters.


Don Gratton House, 82 Old Montague St, London E1 5NN, United Kingdom

Newcastle University London is a 12-minute walk from the building, Queen Mary University of London is a seven-minute walk, and Arden University is a 19-minute walk. Altab Ali Park (Stop D) bus station is a four-minute walk and Aldgate East Station (Stop H) bus station is an eight-minute walk.

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Terms & Conditions

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  • Get the voucher delivered to your email address within 90 days of check-in

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A booking is considered complete when there is:

  1. Signed Tenancy Agreement

  2. Payment of deposit, full rent/ first rent installment

  3. Accepted Guarantor Agreement, if applicable

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Double En-SuiteEn-Suite
£250 Deposit

A Single en-suite room featuring a double bed, workspace, wardrobe, dining area, private bathroom and a shared
kitchen between 4-7 students.

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* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


24/7 Security + CCTV
Building has security teams and cameras to ensure you're safe at all times.
Cleaning Service
Free regular cleaning of communal areas and in-room cleaning is for an extra charge.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Management
On-site managers to ensure your safety.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.


For long term bookings, you can pay up to a maximum of 4 instalments.  

Guarantor isn't required. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. Within 14 days from the moment of booking, you have the right to cancel your booking. This must be in writing (email) and we will refund to you in full minus any bank charges if applicable. This clause only applies to bookings starting in more than 14 days.
  2. Once full or partial payment has been received and T&Cs accepted, the Customer will be liable for the payment of rent and the other obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions of Tenancy (Assured Shorthold Tenancy)
  3. Full or partial payment for the accommodation booking must be received as per date stated on the invoice.
  4. Your Visa is Rejected: if your Visa application for the planned destination of travel (UK or Ireland) is rejected, a full refund will be offered. If your Visa application has been declined, a full refund will be offered subject to sending your visa rejection letter within 7 days of receiving it. Please note that this does not include situations where your visa has been granted and subsequently withdrawn. This letter must include a date and student’s name.
  5. After moving in: After the customer collects his/her keys, the customer will be liable for the payment of rent and the other obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions of Tenancy (Assured Shorthold Tenancy). In the event the customer wishes to move out, he/she should contact the team who will be able to assist, but the customer must find a replacement tenant to take over the Tenancy and pay any associated administrative and clerical fees to carry out the transfer.
  6. Bookings are charged for a full week (7 nights) as standard.
  7. If, in exceptional circumstances, the accommodation booked becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control an alternative will be arranged, but details may differ.
  8. You agree to read the cancellation section of the terms and conditions of both London Nest and the accommodation provider prior to acceptance of the invoice and to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  9. We will use our reasonable endeavours to recoup your payment from the accommodation provider on your behalf.
    London Nest Limited, Aruna House, 2 Kings Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2QA. Registered in England & Wales 07422337
    VAT Number: 155859272
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Reviews ?

Bhavna Sid
a year ago
The worst accommodation experience I've ever had - if I could give 0 stars, I would. For a place that put up posters claiming to care about student mental health, they sure have a funny way of showing it! All in all, an incompetent and unhelpful place and a lot of additional, unnecessary stress for students. When I arrived I realised the room hadn't been cleaned after the previous tenant had moved out (mouldy taps, mouldy carpet, sticky desk, dust everywhere, blocked drains) and even though I complained to reception staff multiple times, no cleaner was sent up. Some of the staff don't log your every complaint, so that when the staff that actually do follow protocol look for your previous complaint, they don't find one! It took more than a couple of weeks, and approx. 5 requests for anyone to even come up and look at the taps, and the carpet was looked at once and I was told that they wouldn't change it because it 'wasn't bad enough'. Furthermore, cleaners are advertised as part of your rent fee, but they rarely came and when they did, it was done lazily e.g. without hoovering the floor. Also, they provided one miniature fridge for 5 people, and when my flatmates and I requested another, one of the reception staff had the audacity to ask us to 'just buy less' - this particular member of staff was rude, invalidated every complaint and pulled faces. Lastly, as student accommodation became unsafe due to Covid-19, as a gesture of care - and just basic humanity, many companies gave their students their money back for the time not spent at halls however, this place decided to keep thousands of pounds that students were paying for empty rooms even though many students explained their circumstances at length. To be honest, for the high rent paid, you'd expect a much better service.
Farah Behrouzi
a year ago
Such a bad experience for my first year of uni accommodation. Constant problems with maintenance, my shower stopped working probably over 10 times during my time there and my cooker was faulty which they knew about but didn't bother changing. Was always an inconvenience for the staff when issues were raised by me. One particular rude member of staff that was usually on night shifts an old man who made constant rude and inappropriate comments to me including ' I don't like women like you' and also slamming my parcel on the desk when handing on me. Awful experience, wouldn't recommend anyone to go here.
Amy H
a year ago
I had an awful experience here. The accommodation should only be available for first year art students. Below is a list of things you should be aware of prior to booking this accommodation; 1) The building is adjacent to a warehouse that is actively used by music professionals. There was 6 weeks of evening disturbance from Nov to end of Dec ( when there are exams and coursework deadlines), and also a few times each month due to "cultural exchange" evenings. The music is extremely loud and prolonged ( 6+ hours). This could be heard through a closed window and ear plugs. I had to make an official noise complaint to the council in the end. 2) There were student "escorts" staying there, which compromises the safety of occupants when you have middle aged men in the building. 3) Expect maintenance issues to not be addressed in a timely manner ( if at all). 4) Avoid staying in a room that overlooks the upper courtyard. The security cameras do not work properly in this area, and you are constantly disturbed in the early hours by tosspots who choose to ignore the sign stating that it is closed. Multiple times I had to go down and ask them to leave because security didn't. 5)Postgraduates are put together with undergraduate students. I was lucky in that I had calm and mature flatmates, others weren't so lucky. 6)The rooms are not cleaned properly. The carpets in the C block must be the oldest and are pretty vile. Clearly the previous occupants had never used a vacuum. 7) Staff are complacent. You have to mention things ( for example, students smoking cannabis or stronger drugs in their rooms, with the smell wafting into your room above) about 6 times prior to something being done about it ( or not in most cases). It seems none of them are comfortable speaking to students about issues directly. 8) The smoking area in the upper courtyard is about a metre away from rooms. Students should smoke on the opposite side of the road, well away from the building given the health problems associated with passive smoking. 9) They don't care about the environment. Cleaners left lights on in empty rooms and flat corridors for weeks. Despite letting the reception know, nobody could be bothered to visit the room and turn them off. 10) Lastly, the surrounding area is not safe. I get that it is Central London, but being approached, screamed at and cornered in broad daylight multiple times on my way to Tesco or Sainsburys at around 9am each week is really pleasant. A student I know was groped by a male near Sainsburys in broad daylight and was never caught. If you're out late at night, make sure you're not by yourself ( especially if you're female). Bottom line, I would really avoid this place. This company acted the worst in terms of their response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They charged students for empty rooms ( universities had advised students to return home), and charged for extensions when students could not leave. This was in complete contrast to other student providers such as Unite or Student Roost. Please do not endorse this company, and choose elsewhere.
Zeeshan Hassan
a year ago
staff of Don Gratton is very nice there staff members are very humble And polite ..
John Saunders
2 years ago
Can not tell you much about it but it is in a good location. And a prime location for public transportation
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