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Leicester Accommodation

Upperton Road

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About Upperton Road

Upperton Road by Student Roost is a student housing in Leicester that offers studios. They come in four styles: Gold Studio, Silver Studio, Bronze Studio, and Platinum Studio. All room types include a double bed, under bed storage, a study desk and a chair, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers.

The building has many facilities and services. The facilities include high-speed Wi-Fi, contents insurance, on-site laundry facilities, a secured deposit, and ANUK accreditation. Other services include a gym, a common room, a games room, cinema evenings, and a study space.

Leicester is an English city located on the banks of the River Soar in the East Midlands. It is the second-largest economy in the East Midlands and one of England's oldest cities.

The property is located on Upperton Road, only an 11-minute ride from Leicester city centre. It is in the heart of life, energy, nightlife, food, and drink; it’s surrounded by many exciting locations, including eatery spots, entertainment venues, and other places of interest. If you want to grab a juicy steak, there’s no better place to go than Leicester Steakhouse. It serves delicious steaks and other plates in a bright setting. Rockin Diner is another nearby restaurant offering American meals such as burgers plus drinks in a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re craving some spicy Indian food, Teli's Spicy is five minutes away from the building and it serves an authentic Indian menu in a lively atmosphere. 

When you need to do some grocery shopping, Lidl supermarket is just a short walk from the residence and it offers plenty of products at discounted prices to cater to your needs. Before you set off for your bustling day on campus, a morning walk at Bede Park would be quite refreshing. It has spacious greenery, beautiful scenery, and long walking trails. Over the weekend, you may enjoy a night out with your pals and watch the latest box office movies at the ODEON Luxe Leicester movie theatre. You may also choose to go on a shopping spree at Highcross shopping centre where you’ll find lots of high-end shops, stores, and boutiques plus eateries. While in the city. Don’t miss out on visiting one of its famous museums, The Newarke Houses Museum. It has interactive exhibitions about the city, a local army regiment, and historic gardens.

*The accommodation is fully-furnished but please note that bedding and other soft furnishings are not included.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **


The Old Railway Shed, 2 Upperton Rd, Leicester LE3 0BG, UK

The University of Leicester is a seven-minute drive from the building and De Montfort University is a ten-minute walk. Lidl bus station is a one-minute walk and Wilberforce Road bus station is four minutes away. Leicester train station is 19 minutes away.

Special Offers

Exclusive £50 Voucher
Refer a friend to get a £50 Amazon voucher. Hurry up! This offer is exclusive to Casita.

Terms & Conditions

Applicable on selected tenancies

  • Get the voucher delivered to your email address within 90 days of check-in

  • Refer your friend and earn a GBP 50/ USD 50/ AUD 50 Amazon voucher as they check-in

A booking is considered complete when there is:

  1. Signed Tenancy Agreement

  2. Payment of deposit, full rent/ first rent installment

  3. Accepted Guarantor Agreement, if applicable

42 Reviews
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Communal Games Room
Pool table, tennis table or games console in a shared area/room.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
Contents of your room are to be fixed if you're not responsible for their damage.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.


International students can pay monthly, termly or annually for long-term bookings without a UK guarantor.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings made before 1st August:

7-Day Cooling Off Period

If you decide to cancel your accommodation booking within 7 days of accepting your tenancy agreement, you will receive a full refund of your booking fee. 

If you secure your accommodation and then cancel it due to the following reasons: 

  • Failure to receive grades (all academic years)
  • Failure to obtain a VISA (all academic years)
  • Studying in an alternative City

Official written evidence from the University (and/or UCAS/relevant VISA authorities) must be sent directly to the Property Team within 3 calendar days of the results or decision being published. If sufficient evidence is provided, you will be eligible for release from the tenancy agreement and the full booking fee will be returned.

If none of the above reasons is applicable, you will be required to find a replacement person to take over your tenancy. Any bookings made after 1st August will have a 24hr cooling off period

After Cooling Off Period

Students can cancel after the cooling-off period for the following reasons: 

  • Failure to receive grades
  • Failure to obtain a visa
  • Studying in an alternative city
  • The pre-sessional English language course required to take up their university place is cancelled
  • Government travel restrictions prevent them from travelling to the UK.
  • They are enrolled on a face-to-face course, and the University delays the start of the course.

Bookings made on or after 1st August 2020

If you book your accommodation after 1st August 2020, your cooling-off period will reduce to 24 hours only from the point of acceptance. If you cancel your booking within these 24 hours, your full deposit will be returned. Should you wish to cancel after these 24 hours, the previous procedures will apply depending on your circumstances.

COVID Update

We will seek to delay the start of the tenancy for any new residents who were due to arrive in the UK, but cannot check-in because of flight cancellations, visa delays or travel restrictions. 

 For residents who have already checked in and can’t return to their Student Roost home because of the restrictions in the UK, we’re pleased to offer a discount of up to 6 weeks’ rent. This will largely affect UK domestic students, but may also affect some international students who travelled home for the holidays. 

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Reviews ?

Alez Jamie Rodrigues
2 months ago
Management are the worst, room are overpriced as constant problems with the room you would have to be desperate to live here. Staff are all miserable and over worked (they have told me). Be warned student finance does not cover the rent and they well take you to court if you are struggling to pay (will need 1 or 2 part time jobs to cover it). Your better of getting a shared house. I have friends staying at the other sites of this company and they feel the same way...
Quincy Taylor
7 months ago
Loudest and worst accommodation in leicester, students running and shouting down the hallways nearly everyday till 4am absolutely outrageous. Get woken up constantly by this noise. They claim to have security but only on the odd occasion. Would not recommend!!
6 months ago
Worst accomodation experience ever. I was facing a lot of problems like smell of cigaratte/weed smoke (coming in room), loud and late noises , problem with facilities, furniture, all kinds of problems which could not be fixed by them so I decided leave.Turns out they won't let me leave and terminate the contract at all, and I would have to find my replacement. After finding a replacement for my room (which took a couple months of searching) and leaving, I contacted them several times on email about my arrears and presented my calculation which according to me, I was supposed to pay. Didn't get resonse for more than a month. Then suddenly I got payment reminders with huge unexpected bill. I contacted them again, and was told the student covid discount was reversed as I don't qualify for it, I mean if I didn't qualify, I shouldn't have been given the discount in the first place. Shows how disorganized is their management team is again. You can't just expect students/customers to read all your terms and conditions all your polciies etc. I was in chat with their customer service team regularly while I was leaving just to make sure it was done the proper way, not once did they said the covid discount could be reversed. Customer service team literally said to me today that ''We've done everything right, it's your fault'' I asked to forward to his manager/supervisor so as to seek better help to which the the CS agent said ''I can't, I'll loose my job if I did that'' what sorta customer service is that?
sintija abele
a year ago
The majority of the rooms all have some sort of little faults in them, such as the wardrobe linings coming off, or bad paint jobs or even bad condition sofa or damage to the bed frame. I was moved from my first room after unpacking due to me being given the wrong room when I moved in. The room that they then put me in had a window which fell on top of me due to the staff not checking the room beforehand to find out that the restrictor for the window had been tempered with. Now I am on nearly my third week living in a room where they’ve drilled the window back on, meaning there is no way of getting even the slightest bit of fresh air in, not to speak on the fact it’s a fire hazard.
Omar Al Bahnasi
a year ago
I have been a student tenant with them during 2019/2020 at Upperton Road through DMU accommodation. The building design and room distribution is great, distance to DMU and University of Leicester is perfect, front desk and handy person were kind and cooperative most of the time, however, since it is a student accommodation don’t expect to have a quiet time, they are also terrible at responding to emails and phone communications, laundry room is dirty most of the time, and gym room is messy with dusty equipments. During the COVID-19 they provided an exemption from last rent payment, I have applied on the start of May and haven’t received a confirmation of payment removal till now. Overall would not recommend due to the response and services compared with paid price.
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