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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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Raleigh Accommodation

1820 at Centennial

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About 1820 at Centennial

There are many bus stops around to facilitate your way of getting around. Lake Johnson Park is also just a couple of minutes away if you ever want to enjoy a day in the sun with your friends.

Many grocery stores are located nearby this student accommodation such as Harris Teeter, The Fresh Market, and Food Lion. A number of fast-food outlets can be found around as well such as Arby's, Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Chick-fil-A.

This student home offers amenities such as in-unit laundry, furnished rooms, AT&T Fiber Wi-Fi, utility packages, secured mail stations, outdoor lounge areas, nightly weekend security patrol, and it's pet friendly. 

*Students are required to provide insurance and have an opt-in plan that they can include in their lease which covers damage to the building if they accidentally caused it.


1820 Trailwood Dr. Raleigh, NC 27606

This Raleigh student home is a short drive from North Carolina State University.

$790 / Month
17 Reviews

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Four Bedroom ApartmentEn-Suite

A 1460 apartment has four en-suite rooms each featuring a double bed, workspace, wardrobe, a private bathroom, a shared dining area, a shared lounge area with a smart TV, and a shared kitchen.

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Three Bedroom ApartmentEn-Suite

An 1160 sq ft apartment has three en-suite rooms each featuring a double bed, workspace, wardrobe, a private bathroom, a shared dining area, a shared lounge area with a smart TV, and a shared kitchen.

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* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
Pet Friendly
Pets are allowed inside the building for an extra charge.
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.


Full installment is due each month with a minimum of 10 installments.

Cancellation Policy

The resident can find someone to takeover the remainder of their lease. The fee varies by property but it is listed in their lease contract.

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Reviews ?

Cheyenne Bradford
3 months ago
The WiFi has been out or very very slow for about a month and they have yet to do anything about it. My roommates and I have called the office multiple times and the only advice they offer is to call the internet provider, who ends up doing absolutely nothing to fix the problem. I have been attempting to do homework to no avail, and have had to go to friends apartments to submit work because of how bad the connection is.
rokiatou kaba
a year ago
Love my new apartment. When I first moved in everything was sanitized and in order which is especially important during this pandemic. The apartment is very spacious with updated appliances!
Camryn Leilani
a year ago
This place is not as good as it should be for being brand new. I lived in here for two years. The first year, no one had moved in or lived there yet, and my shower was holding water and it smelled so bad. It took them two months to fix it and a week I couldn’t use my shower. They didn’t take off anything for the inconvenience. The fridge broke once EVERY year and the second time they took tempo days, enough time for us to fix it, to look at it and didn’t compensate for everything we had to throw out. The bugs that get into this apartment no matter how clean you are these little versions of centipedes come in through the front and back door because they can’t replace the seal at the bottom of the door. It has gotten so bad I have them in my bedroom on the ceiling. They changed up roommates in the middle of the lease who is rude and inconsiderate. Another one has threatened all of the other three and when we go to the office they don’t do a thing about it even though she had previously had three eviction notices in a row (before the pandemic). The dishwasher makes the dishes more dirty than when they went in and when two service requests were put in they simply told us not to put pans in it or over load it. The washing machine is so loud and moves so much and when asking about is told the load is just uneven. The door to get to the washer machine is hard to open it didn’t start that way. One night when the new lease started I locked my front door with my fob to go to my night job and came back at 4am to being locked out and called the office maintenance team and they didn’t come until 8 am. I slept in my car. The parking situation is ridiculous. Parking passes for everyone but only ten visitor spots for two building full of students. And if you can’t find a visitor spot you get towed. So much more too. Their team in the office just don’t care enough about who live here. I would NOT recommend living here. There are many better and cheaper places.
Matt Gore
a year ago
Whatever you do stay away from this place. There is no organization in the management team at all. I lived here for the first two years it was built. My rent check was lost 9 times in those two years. Not lost in the mail, the office would loose them. Many times they would cash the check and still try claim the check was lost. On several occasions they would file eviction notices. I spent many hours proving that my checks had been sent and cashed. Once or twice this is okay. But over and over is unacceptable. I personally guarantee you that if you live here you will NEVER get a visitor parking spot. Over the two years I was here, only on about 5 occasions were they available. There are only about 15 visitor spots and they are filled up every day of the week all day long. We would watch them sometimes, we would see people use them and walk across to other surrounding apartments, Or park here and ride the bus to campus.
Justin Case
a year ago
Pretty alright area. The staff never responds to an email in which you ask for help. Dogs are walked without leashes outside and people don't clean up after them which leaves yellowing patches and waste here and there. Aside from that it's quite comfortable. Just that alone, I'd say it's an okay/average place to live. This really changed my mind: While NC State, the university 1820 Centennial owes its existence to, reaches out to students and helps them through the pandemic by refunding dining plans, housing, parking, anything they can really. 1820 Centennial doesn't lift a finger to help us. Not even a slight reduction in rent. Everyone is back home, since school isn't open, yet we have to pay the full price for water, electricity, trash and internet. The Preiss Company doesn't care about its clients, it just really cares about money. If I had to redo my housing for this school year and every year after, I'd get university housing.
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