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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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Raleigh Accommodation

105 Friendly

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About 105 Friendly

This student accommodation is located near a variety of restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues. You can do your grocery shopping from Harris Teeter or The Fresh Market which are just a couple of minutes away or go out with your friends and eat some fast food from Chick-fil-A. 

Rose Garden Park is also just a couple of minutes away. You can visit the park with your friends and enjoy a picnic on a sunny day.

This student home offers facilities such as furnished rooms, all-inclusive utilities, high-speed internet, a building elevator, and 24/7 emergency maintenance.

*Students are required to provide insurance and have an opt-in plan that they can include in their lease which covers damage to the building if they accidentally caused it.


105 Friendly Drive Raleigh, NC 27607

North Carolina State University is just a 5-minute drive from this Raleigh student home. 

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One Bedroom ApartmentFlat

An en-suite room in a one-bedroom apartment featuring a double bed, workspace, wardrobe, Washing Machine, a private bathroom, a private dining area, a private lounge area and a private kitchen.

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04 Oct, 2022
25 Jul, 2023
Two Bedroom ApartmentEn-Suite

A 759 sqft en-suite room two-bedroom apartment featuring a double-bed, workspace, wardrobe, a private bathroom, a shared dining area, a shared lounge area with a smart TV, and a shared kitchen.
**Higher and large spaces come with higher prices

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04 Oct, 2022
25 Jul, 2023
Four Bedroom ApartmentEn-Suite

An en-suite room two-bedroom apartment featuring a double-bed, workspace, wardrobe, a private bathroom, a shared dining area, a shared lounge area with a smart TV and a shared kitchen.

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04 Oct, 2022
25 Jul, 2023

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* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-Site Maintenance
Get things fixed immediately.
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.


Full installment is due each month with a minimum of 10 installments.

Cancellation Policy

The resident can find someone to takeover the remainder of their lease. The fee varies by property but it is listed in their lease contract.

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6 months ago
So Preiss took over in managing this property late 2020. The first few weeks were good, but after that, it got exponentially worse. Firstly, the routine cleaning of the lobby and elevators stopped. The Christmas decor from December stayed there until February when one of the residents called and asked management to take care of it. If you have any maintenance issues, or anything not related to Preiss making money, don't even bother trying to call, it'll go straight to the answering machine and it usually takes them a few days to get back. Oh and if you have any issues on the weekend, don't even think about it! You're on your own because nobody here works on the weekends! The other day my fire alarm went off and continued to do so for an hour until I was able to do it myself, because it was a weekend. The emergency maintenance number goes straight to voicemail too! Yep, you read that right, the company that manages multiple buildings with real people and real residents, doesn't have a single real person available to take calls on the weekend, just menu options and answering machines.
Ravi Hayden-Lowe
11 months ago
Beautiful building and great location. However, don't plan on having a/c or working lights for a month while in the middle of the Summer; your service requests and calls will never be answered by this atrocious leasing office. Wait! There's more! You think clearly there would be some changes made after such an ordeal and clear lack of oversight. Think again. My dishwasher was broken for a month before it was replaced, and the front door of the complex has been broken for a month and is still broken. Management continues to dodge multiple residents calls and requests to have a working front door, on top of other outstanding service requests in the building. The excuse I was given for our front door was "we're ordering parts." I didn't realize it took over a month to fix a front door and order parts. Surely one month's rent from all the building's tenants could have paid for a new front door key fob unit, but that would be an inconvenience to the leasing office. Save your time and money folks. Thank you, Anthony McHale for you and your office's continued efforts towards making 105 Friendly the place not to live.
Benjamin Trubey
10 months ago
Preface: The actual apartment is very nice, especially for the price I’m paying, but wow is the management terrible. The incompetence of 105 Friendly knows no bounds. In case you did not have the pleasure of reading Ravi Hayden-Lowe’s Google review, I would strongly recommend you find it and give it a read. At the time of writing this, it is November and I have lived here for around four months, and we are currently on our third management company. It might be the second or fourth, I’ve honestly lost count at this point. Every single interaction with 105 reeks of unprofessionalism and incompetence. My roommates and I, a few months before we moved in, were told over email by management that if classes were to go online due to COVID-19, we would not have to pay rent until January. We were told that this stipulation would come in writing around a month after we signed our leases, but we never heard back. When classes inevitably moved to an online format, management said that they knew nothing about this agreement, even though it was included in an email from them. Eventually, we were told that this “free rent” program meant breaking our leases for the remainder of the year, even though that was the first time we heard this. When two of my roommates decided to break their leases, there was never formal paperwork or anything remotely professional, and on the last day of the month, they told one to just pack his stuff up and get ready to move out in case they figured anything out. A few days after they broke their leases, my roommate and I got a call from Anthony McHale, the leasing consultant for the building, saying that they were moving two random people into our apartment, in the middle of a pandemic. We would potentially be exposed to a deadly virus by two people we had never met. The two people who moved in ended up leaving two days later, with no notice to us by them or the managers of 105. We still have not heard anything about why or if they moved out permanently. Another example of the unprofessional and incompetent behavior of Anthony McHale and the rest of the management team is the Wi-Fi. High-speed internet was advertised to us, and so naturally we expected good connection. We were sorely mistaken. The internet would drop randomly, during class, making it impossible to learn remotely. I understand that poor internet connection is not the direct result of poor management, but when I brought up my concerns to Anthony, I was told to “please contact Spectrum using the info sheet you were given at move in.” If my power went out, would it be up to me to contact Duke Energy, and try to find a solution? Of course not, because according to my leasing contract, I pay rent in exchange for housing, which includes power. My leasing contract also includes internet, and so when the internet is not working, why is it up to me to do 105’s job of providing the basic amenities that were advertised? They are not paying my rent, so why should I have to negotiate with Spectrum? Eventually, the Wi-Fi got better, but we had to endure months of spotty connection in a time when reliable internet is crucial. There are countless other examples of the extreme incompetence of 105 Friendly, including a front door that was broken for months, a resident portal for paying rent that was broken when I went to pay my rent, a website that was broken when I tried to make sure I had the right contact information to ask about the broken resident portal, a slow, unresponsive team, and a trash room that seems to be perpetually locked (that I did not even know existed until my roommate pointed it out, thank you for telling us where that was 105!). I have lived here less than four months, and I already have pages of complaints. In short, 105 Friendly is easily the most incompetent, unprofessional, terribly managed apartment complex that I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. Do not let the name fool you, this place is everything but friendly.
Corey Zablud
2 years ago
Great location! Within minutes of main campus and all the restaurants Hillsborough St has to offer. The apartment has a really nice kitchen and living room area. Plenty of space to have people over. Love the fact that I don’t have to wait to use a bathroom since everyone has their own. Overall a great experience and would recommend anyone to stay here.
Sid Gollarahalli
2 years ago
I’ve lived here for two years now. The first year and a half was great! Friendly management, quick maintenance, etc. Ever since they switched management companies a few months back, it’s become awful. The new management company, Wilson Property Management, has completely turned a blind eye to resident needs and furthermore have begun charging fines and fees for simple things such as turning off our fire alarm (which we were never charged for before, and we can’t turn off on our own) and attempting to arbitrarily fine residents when issues arise and management is unable to determine the cause. Given the high cost to live here, along with the lack of amenities, I would highly recommend searching elsewhere if living near NC State.
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