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About Toronto Rooms and Suites

This student home has many fast-food outlets around such as McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, Tim Hortons, Papa John's Pizza, KFC, Sneaky Dees, and Krispy Kreme Cafe. 

Many grocery stores are also around such as Sam’s Food Store, City Market Valu-mart, Fine Food Market, Dundas Street Supermarket, and Lucky Moose Food Mart.

A lot of popular landmarks are nearby as well such as Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, The AGO, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Islands, and Royal Ontario Museum.

This student accommodation offers a number of facilities and services such as contactless check-in and outs, 24/7 security and CCTV, and Wi-Fi. 


357 Spadina Avenue, Dufferin Grove, Toronto (ON), Canada, M5T 2G3

This Toronto student accommodation is just a 5-minute ride from the University of Toronto - St. George Campus, and a 10-minute ride from Victoria University and Ryerson University.  

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Junior Queen RoomEn-Suite

A 14 m² en-suite room featuring a queen-size bed, a workspace, a wardrobe, ironing facilities, refrigerator, private bathroom, a shared lounge area and a shared kitchen.

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Queen RoomEn-Suite

A 19 m² en-suite room featuring a queen-size bed, a workspace, a wardrobe, ironing facilities, refrigerator, private bathroom, a shared lounge area and a shared kitchen.

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24/7 Security + CCTV
Building has security teams and cameras to ensure you're safe at all times.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.
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Reviews ?

Kristena Lopez Arroyo (Brownie Family)
6 months ago
Very clean. Nice furniture, looked n no sign of bed bugs so that's good. I like the fact there were some dishes available for us to use to which I cleaned and put back. I like the fact there were 2 towels. You have to know that in room 9 the shower leaks out the front and water splashes all over the floor. And then the floor becomes slippery so you might want to do something about that. Other than that the room was a really nice room!☆ Edit☆ It is 2 pm and I am still waiting for them to return my deposit. It's kind of ridiculous really. She said they return deposits at 6 pm? Lol I do not accept this.
James Zabarauckas
6 months ago
Without exaggeration, this was the worst hotel I've ever slept in. I don't generally leave bad reviews, but this place was just awful. I purchased a room for two nights through Expedia. Beware: there is a lot of fine print not listed on Expedia, I would recommend finding out this information before you book a room. The room I stayed in smelt strange, like old liquor and something I couldn't place. Besides that, below are the numerous hairs and stains I found in the room (with pictures to prove it): - Red food stain in the mini-fridge (I didn't take a picture of this, but seeing this made me look for other issues) - Curly black hair on one of the towels. It was hard to miss after I took off the top towel. - Long black hair on the sheets - Numerous stains on the outer blanket. One looked like food crumbs, the others looked like things I'd rather not guess. Besides the above complaints, it was also incredibly cold in the room. I slept in all of my clothes, put on an additional shirt, and even slept under the sheets and outer blanket. I was still freezing despite this. There are plenty of other hotels in the area to try instead.
Boubker Bahji
5 months ago
The worst hotel ever. Don’t trust the pictures on the website. I booked with them 10 days, but after my first night I canceled. They didn’t give me back my damage deposit because Booking didn’t let them charge me for the second night, so they decided to take it from the damage deposit. Anyway, a very bad experience and customer service. Be very careful
Dakota Martial
6 months ago
I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy! **August 6th to August 9th, 2021** Reception is a nightmare!! I booked my stay prior to my trip to Toronto. I left an email that I would like an early check in and no response. Then I proceeded to call multiple times and same thing no response. I spent my morning waiting around at a coffee shop till my 3pm Check in. When I check in they give us “Room 7” prior to that I had to call like 7 times to get ahold of reception. When we unlock our room door there is a man sleeping in the bed. Clearly they don’t check if their guests are gone after the check out time. I then became furious with everything, called front desk multiple times. They picked up and gave us “Room 6” when we entered it was nice, tiny and very cold. AC runs non stop. It seemed very unclean and very unsanitary. There was someones sweater left in the top drawer in the room under the mini fridge. The area is also very sketchy. Wake up and there is a shooting outside the place. 2 people killed and 2 people injured! How crazy is that. Heavy police presence and area is taped off for several hours. The thing that made the stay the worst was just RECEPTION they don’t care about their guests sadly. Took them 3 days to return my damage deposit. Every time I called they said the same line “I will have to speak with the Manager, she will send it today” got the same line for 3 days. Till finally they sent it. Frustrating experience and will not recommend to anyone! If you plan on staying here Please by all means AVOID!!!
Jim Purvis
7 months ago
No desk..makes for difficult laptop use. No bath mat No bedside lamp for reading before sleep No hand soap No front desk No Reception All communications are done by phone/text or email so even if you are standing at the front door needing to use the bathroom, you might still need to spend 15 minutes following their protocols which include photographing both sides of your primary ID and sending an Etransfer to their account. Oh, and taking a selfie with the locked front door in the background. All this on your cellphone. Have you peed your pants yet? Good. I hope not. They need to verify still. Finally in? Great, you can get to your room and relieve yourself now if it is not too late. The room...including the bathroom is 9 x 15 and my room had no windows. Just saying. Why would I spend so much time on this review? Expedia/Hotel' sent me here and people need to  know. If this is the new normal.. God help us all
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