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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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Manchester Accommodation

Oxney House and Gardens

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About Oxney House and Gardens

Oxney House and Gardens is a student housing in Manchester that offers only ensuite rooms. They come in four styles; Silver Ensuite, Gold Ensuite, Silver Plus Ensuite and Gold Plus Ensuite. All rooms feature a ¾ double bed, an en-suite bathroom, a study area and a wardrobe. The shared area includes a kitchen, a lounge and a TV.     


The building has all-inclusive bills, free Wi-Fi throughout the building and 24/7 CCTV to ensure you are safe all time. There is also an on-site bike storage space, laundry facilities and car parking. Communal areas include a shared lounge with a TV and a garden area.


All shared flats come with a stylish kitchen with a breakfast bar and bar stools to help you enjoy your meals with your flatmates. Also, the shared area has modern sofas arranged around the TV to watch your favourite shows anytime. 


This property is located in the heart of the city centre, right next to various city attractions, parks and shops. Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery are a short distance away, and Alexandra Park, Platt Fields Park, and Whitworth Park are nearby as well. You can reach Asda Hulme Superstore within 20-minute on foot.


It’s also surrounded by a plethora of restaurants and entertainment destinations. Lara Restaurant is a closeby eatery where you can grab yourself a quick bite before class. Kings Treats is a dessert shop for sweet tooth fellas to indulge in. Don Tacos is the go-to Mexican restaurant in the neighbourhood. Ziya is an Indian restaurant where you can enjoy a cosy, delicious meal from the heart of India.   


*Flexible 2020-2021 start dates 

*The building offers an extended cooling-off period.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy
No Visa No Pay
No Place No Pay


38 to 40 Oxney Road Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5SZ

It is just 17 minutes bus ride to INTO Manchester. The University of Manchester is 15 minutes away, and Manchester Metropolitan University is 24 minutes walk away.

Around 7 bus stations surround the premises. The closest one is Great Western Street (Stop K), followed by Wilmslow Road (Stop H) and Whitworth Park.

Special Offers

Exclusive £50 Voucher
Refer a friend to get a £50 Amazon voucher. Hurry up! This offer is exclusive to Casita.

Terms & Conditions

Applicable on selected tenancies

  • Get the voucher delivered to your email address within 90 days of check-in

  • Refer your friend and earn a GBP 50/ USD 50/ AUD 50 Amazon voucher as they check-in

A booking is considered complete when there is:

  1. Signed Tenancy Agreement

  2. Payment of deposit, full rent/ first rent installment

  3. Accepted Guarantor Agreement, if applicable

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Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Common Social Room
Communal lounge to socialize with like-minded students.
Valet car parking (sometimes they're limited).
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.


**Paying in instalments for international students requires a UK guarantor.

**Up to 10 installments available.

Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel my booking?

If you accept an offer of accommodation online or by signing a Tenancy Agreement, and then decide you wish to cancel outside of the Initial Cancellation Period, the following applies:

  • You remain liable for the weekly rent (for each and every week or part week) until you are able to find another tenant that is acceptable to Homes for Students (it is your responsibility to find another tenant) and we are able to re-let the room
  • If we are able to re-let the room we will release you from the agreement upon payment of a £250 release fee which we will recover by retaining your deposit (which will not, therefore, be returned). If you have paid a different amount as a deposit (such as £150) then this is the amount that will be retained.

1st Year Applicants Only

If you are a prospective student and your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education Institution is withdrawn by the University/Higher Education Institution, you may be eligible to be released from this agreement.

To apply to be released from the agreement you will need to provide:

  • Written confirmation that you wish to cancel your reservation.
  • Supporting evidence from the University or UCAS.

Special conditions

You can terminate your tenancy agreement if you have an existing medical condition and this is recorded on your application prior to a room offer being made. We will require medical proof with your application and you will be liable for a minimum of 4 weeks’ rent or to the end of the current rent period, whichever is longer.

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Reviews ?

katie mcmullan
3 years ago
I would recommend this accommodation to any student! It is modern and comfortable to live in! I enjoyed my year living at Oxney house and made good friends here! The staff are excellent and sorted any problems I had, and were very welcoming, especially during freshers week.
Chloe Anaïs Blanchard
2 years ago
To whoever decides to move here, I highly suggest to NOT move into any of the rooms on ground floor, specially the ones on the main street. Rusholme has a very high rate at burglary and the security system in Oxney House & Garden is beyond useless and careless for any future tenants. The only security they provide is an alarm that goes off if the window experience some kind of shock. Please be warned that when the alarm goes off, it doesn’t connect to any protecting service. Furthermore, if these events occur after 7 pm on week days or over the weekend you will be on your own dealing with the consciences. You might have to sleep in a room with a broken window until further action by the office is being made. Without forgetting, the phone number for outside office hours isn’t reliable and the team will say whatever you want to hear over the phone until office hours are opened. Their resolution, is to move you into a different flat or property hoping that you will forget and forgive their unprofessionalism. But also, the team will continue to move new students in the rooms which have poor security without making any effort in improving it and will find whatever excuses to back up their repeated mistakes. No matter how many times you complain to the manager or decide to put together a petition (already done and ignored). They will say whatever you want to hear until your contract is finished with them. Last, some of team do not respect privacy and will entire the flat or your room without knocking and unannounced. Best wishes and good luck.
Kane Wildman
a month ago
Good value for money
Ajesh Sumessar
3 years ago
It's actually my friends' place and she's not particularly fond of it but it's better than other places up here that I've seen. Nice and self contained. Nice outdoor area out back with a bench to sit on... I'd live there if given the choice...
Fabian Rizq Nandaru
3 years ago
don't ever consider to live here if you want to live in a secure place with good security. this place's security is beyond awful and they won't do anything to improve it. be prepared to welcome mr.thief from your window
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