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Atlanta Accommodation

University House Midtown

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About University House Midtown

This Atlanta student accommodation is located in an ideal area close to several restaurants and coffee shops including Starbucks. There are plenty of places to enjoy in your free time with friends like Pemberton PlaceZoo AtlantaMartin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, and Centennial Park District.

The building has Wi-Fi, all-inclusive bills, on-site management, secure access, parking, bike storage, laundry, social events calendar, study areas with PC stations, conference rooms, on-site gym, internet cafe, outdoor areas with TV and grilling stations, 2-story club room, sky lounge with views, media room, games room, and a swimming pool with tanning ledge.

*There is an annual $150 administrative fee.

*Utility allowance is up to $30 per person, per month.


930 Spring Street Atlanta, GA 30309

It is a short walk to Georgia Institute of Technology and a short ride to Georgia State University. There is a bus stop nearby as well as many other services like pharmacies and grocery shops.

$1,250 / Month
216 Reviews

Choose Your Room

4 Bedroom, 4 BathroomEn-Suite

A 4-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, workspace, closet, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.

Calendar Icon
15 Aug, 2023
26 Jul, 2024
$1,250 $1,299
3 Bedroom, 3 BathroomEn-Suite

A 3-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, workspace, closet, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.

Calendar Icon
01 Dec, 2022
26 Jul, 2024
$1,325 $1,399
2 Bedroom, 2 BathroomEn-Suite

A 2-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, workspace, closet, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.

Calendar Icon
15 Aug, 2023
26 Jul, 2024
$1,350 $1,450
1 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFlat

A self-contained apartment featuring a comfy bed, workspace, closet, en-suite bathroom, modern kitchen, and a living room.

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01 Dec, 2022
26 Jul, 2023
$1,809 $1,844

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* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Communal Games Room
Pool table, tennis table or games console in a shared area/room.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Cinema Room
Cinema/projector room for movie nights.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
On-Site Management
On-site managers to ensure your safety.
Valet car parking (sometimes they're limited).
Secure Bike Storage
On-site bike racks to park safely.
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Study Rooms
Study zones for group study sessions.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Cancellation Policy

No exception can be made for financial hardship, academic changes, family matters, medical issues, roommate conflict or any other reason. If you did want to terminate your contract, you’d have to find someone who is new to our system, willing to sign at the same rate or higher, and sign and qualify on their own. As unless you go through the process of Mutual Termination, you will remain financially responsible for the terms of the housing agreement.

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Reviews ?

Jingyan Wang
in the last week
I honestly only need a minimally functional management, and the experience so far has been terrible. Things can go wrong in all creative ways that you won't imagine as possible, and they produce problems let alone reduce problems. 1. It’s been 3.5 months (!) since I moved in, and I have not received my mailbox key, after querying a countless number of times. Every time I was told there is no envisaged timeline and they'll reach out whenever indefinitely they can, and I never ever hear back. 2. They came in for a mandatory inspection and left my light on for an entire month (!), during my month-long work travel. Isn’t it common sense that if you visit a place, it's basic etiquette to leave the place the same as before?? Doesn’t it especially ring a bell that the tenant may be out of town if you see the tenant has turned off the breaker? You can't come to do an inspection in a manner expecting the tenant will come back right away to take care of your carelessness. Unfortunately I pay the electric bill due to their entire fault. It also felt very unsafe opening the door and seeing the light upon my return from the travel, knowing that I’ve turned off the breaker. It totally ruined my day. 3. The apartment was a huge mess when I moved in, and there is no pet cleaning of any form available (upon request). If the previous tenant owns a cat or dog (with or without permission, but why do I care?), best of luck to your long-hair carpet and couch peels falling down all the time (no, the couch cannot be replaced). 4. It’s so common that emails are never answered. Maintenance requests need to be followed up by more than one phone call in order to be fulfilled. If the office cannot respond to any particular question in person, they do not seem to have any sense of responsibility, but instead just ask you to "come back later" (or say they’ve made a note and will follow up, but never actually do).
Mr WaffleMan
a week ago
DON'T LIVE HERE. The elevators have broken no less than three times a month. If you want to live anywhere above the first floor, either get ready to wait upwards of 30 minutes for the only working elevator in the building to come, or get ready to climb several flights of stairs. I was promised a couch and a seat, so that all four of our residents would have a place to sit, but we were given just a couch. Upon contacting management, they said this is just how it is (despite being told otherwise on a tour). On day 2 I found a roach in my bathroom. They don't stop coming. Be prepared to get no less than five weekly emails about renewing your lease, as early in as September. If your rent to live here costs anything above $900, don't pay it. It's not worth it.
Max Pacheco
a month ago
Maintenance has been great so far. Really nice guys. Special thanks to Bob for fixing my AC fast
Emma Shadynasty
3 months ago
Overall living here was a pretty bad experience when I sublet here over the summer. The main reason I took the time to write this review is because they charged me $40 per infraction for a bunch of miscellaneous cleaning fees (like leaving a pillow on the bed, for "trash" that I threw away before I left, and for a calcium stain in the shower that was already there) The fixtures/ appliances in the place also had issues. The water pressure in the toilet was always extremely low and oftentimes would change in weird specific instances like if my upstairs neighbor was running the dishwasher or garbage disposal. One time when I was at work the toilet overflowed randomly. Was definitely some sort of high rise plumbing issue because I would hear water flow into the toilet sometimes at night. An elevator or two were also out of service the whole summer which resulted in 10-15 minute wait times to get up and down. I would take the stairs to get to my 11th floor unit but it's clear that they haven't been cleaned in ages. The amenities were also closed consistently. I called management to ask what the hours were (I thought it was strange for the pool to be closed on a Sunday afternoon) but they never got back to me despite promising me they would. Although there are undeniable positives about this place like the location, I would strongly consider looking elsewhere for housing. There's a lot more options for high rise student housing out there now than there were when this place opened in 2015.
Sarah Johnson
3 months ago
Place is very run down in comparison to other student apartments in the area. Only reason they have such good “deals” is cause nobody wants to renew their leases after living here for a year. There are many cockroaches (even on high floors). They had only one working elevator for a bit then only 2 (of 4) for over half the time I lived there. Finally, they charged over $200 in fees after move out with no reason why. Overall you’re better off paying for somewhere a little nicer with better accommodations. Also location is not great and you will not feel safe here.
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