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San Marcos Accommodation

Redpoint San Marcos

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About Redpoint San Marcos

This San Marcos student accommodation is located in the heart of the city in Stokes Park overlooking San Marcos River, giving you wonderful views from your student room. There are many cafes including Starbucks right across the street as well as fast-food chains including McDonald's, Burger King, Red Lobster, and more! 

The building has Wi-Fi, all-inclusive bills, laundry, social events calendar, study areas, on-site gym, sand volleyball courts, outdoor lounges, media rooms, grilling stations, and a swimming pool with poolside games area. The building is pet-frindly.

*There is an annual $200 administrative fee. 


650 River Road, San Marcos, Texas

It is a short walk or bike ride to Texas State University with multiple shops and services within short walking distance for anything you might need during your stay.

$629 / Month
304 Reviews

Choose Your Room

4 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom TownhomeEn-Suite

A two-story 4-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, wardrobe, workspace, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.*Regular 4-bedroom apartments are available for $659.

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19 Aug, 2022
23 Jul, 2023
$629 $699
3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom TownhomeEn-Suite

A two-story 3-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, wardrobe, workspace, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.*Regular 3-bedroom apartments are available for $689.

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19 Aug, 2022
23 Jul, 2023
$739 $779
2 Bedroom, 2 BathroomEn-Suite

A 2-bedroom apartment with each room featuring a comfy bed, wardrobe, workspace, en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living room.*Townhome with an extra shared half-bathroom is available for $859.

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19 Aug, 2022
23 Jul, 2023
$809 $869

Enquire Now

* Note: Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Common Social Room
Communal lounge to socialize with like-minded students.
Communal Games Room
Pool table, tennis table or games console in a shared area/room.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Cinema Room
Cinema/projector room for movie nights.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Cancellation Policy

No exception can be made for financial hardship, academic changes, family matters, medical issues, roommate conflict or any other reason. If you did want to terminate your contract, you’d have to find someone who is new to our system, willing to sign at the same rate or higher, and sign and qualify on their own. As unless you go through the process of Mutual Termination, you will remain financially responsible for the terms of the housing agreement.

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Reviews ?

morgan freeman
in the last week
My sister had listed things wrong with apartment when she moved in. The scumfuck manager tried to extort money to pay for those items even when showed the original list. Then he sent a collections agency after her. Don't live here they do not act in good faith.
Emily Guajardo
a year ago
I have lived at the Woods of San Marcos for 3 years now and I just renewed my lease for a 4th. I will admit, the first year I lived here was rough. They were in the process of changing management and there was a lot of confusion and issues with the bus. I stayed with them though and I am very glad I did! Their amenities are great, management is very helpful, maintenance is fairly quick to respond, they have a night guard that roams the apartments and makes it feel very safe, and on top of all of that, they have an amazing walking path that goes around the apartment and by the river. I love the fact that its fully furnished too! I would recommend a town home though because living downstairs from anyone can get to be very noisy and annoying at 3 am lol
3 months ago
I think Redpoint is a lovely place. No my unit is not the luxurious place some people might think when they hear Redpoint but I’ve never had an issue with any bugs especially not roaches management has always taken care of any issue I’ve ever had which have been minimal like a clogged drain or a light out but they are always there to help. I’ve already lived here a year and am moving to my new unit tomorrow for my next year here. the new manager Trae is great yes he is a very busy person but what do u expect when u have hundreds and hundreds of tenants and units to tend to. I see all of these reviews of poor service but my issues have always been resolved as quick as they possibly could be. I think Redpoint is doing a good enough job they provide a welcoming space for us and all these great amenities. Not saying it’s perfect but it definitely isn’t as bad as some people make it seem. Keep your space clean and you won’t have bugs lol the only problem i see Redpoint having is all the ignorant people around here. I said it no I’m not sorry.. and Jonathan in the front office is the BEST! Shout out to u boo
Mikayla Stinnett
2 months ago
Me and my roomates have lived here less than a month and our fire alarms have been going off randomly and our security alarm thing keeps beeping all the time. Also when we moved in our apt was dirty and so messy and not even ready for us to move in. When we had been calling about early move in they said they had one thing left to do and when we move in and it's dirty. Also our door hasn't been working and our keys don't always work which is unacceptable we need to be able to lock our door and be able to get in. This is quite unacceptable. Do better.
Madison Stevens
2 months ago
They hold your mail hostage for weeks on end because they have difficulty sorting through all of it. Maybe you need to hire a mail person then instead of assuming that your residents can go almost 2 weeks to just see my time sensitive mail. It’s absolutely ridiculous and show a total lack of managerial skills. Not to mention my apartment is infested with ants and maintenance doesn’t care to do anything about that. Mail has not been distributed since august 27. We are past Labor Day and the only excuse is that there is just so much. Anytime I call “somebody is sorting through it right now” and I’m always promised a call or email in return, but I am yet to see that as well.
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