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State College Accommodation

The Park at State College

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About The Park at State College

This State College student accommodation is located in a student town with various cuisines being served around the building to satisfy any cravings. There are plenty of places you can explore in your free time like the Matson Museum of AnthropologyPalmer Museum of Art, and The Nittany Lion Shrine. 

The building has Wi-Fi, all-inclusive bills, on-site management, laundry, computer and business area, on-site gym, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, games room, media lounge, and a swimming pool. The building is pet friendly and offers a pass for 6 CATA bus routes with frequent, 7-day service.

*There is an annual $299 CATA transportation fee and $50 administrative fee.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **


348 Blue Course Drive, State College, Pennsylvania 16803

It is a short walk to bike ride to Penn State University with multiple bus links nearby as well as grocery shops and other services you may need during your stay.

189 Reviews
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Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Communal Games Room
Pool table, tennis table or games console in a shared area/room.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
On-Site Management
On-site managers to ensure your safety.
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Cancellation Policy

No exception can be made for financial hardship, academic changes, family matters, medical issues, roommate conflict or any other reason. If you did want to terminate your contract, you’d have to find someone who is new to our system, willing to sign at the same rate or higher, and sign and qualify on their own. As unless you go through the process of Mutual Termination, you will remain financially responsible for the terms of the housing agreement.

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Reviews ?

a month ago
This is by far the worst apartment in terms of management. The only PLAUSIBLE reason I suggest living here is that it can be cheaper then the overall area and the location to stores is reasonable. The management here is flat out awful, they cycle through GM's like plastic bags flying in the wind. They charge $300 as part of a fee that goes towards a bus pass which is useful, then the other claim is basically the clubhouse, which is a joke. The gym is a joke and machines were never fixed when they were broken and no matter who you talked to; it was never getting fixed. My apartment mini-flooded as part of an "upgrade" to the water pipes; workers stole my mop and my mop bucket. They only decided to clean my apartment after performing kitchen and bathroom upgrades after I told them I was still there. No cleaning crew ever came through as promised. I get charged a cleaning fee because they said my room was to dirty; regardless of its state; YOU as APARTMENT COMPLEX should be cleaning the rooms for FUTURE/NEW TENANTS. They advised if a room looked "tidy enough" they wouldn't touch it; so now future tenants have no idea if the room is going back to be clean or not. I'd only touch this property with a ten foot pole if you got nothing else on your radar and THINK you can deal with the horrid management. UPDATE: I visited Penn State weekend of September 25-26th, and guess what, I find two spots UNPAINTED, on the wall and I was charged for it. I was charged for work that never happened. Also on top of this, their comment below on reaching out to me is false, I have provided a phone number to be called at and no response. Don't expect to get anything done with this group, their tactic is to avoid you so you'll pay. Only reason I am paying whatever charge I have is so I don't have to talk or interact with this awful, and horrid group of upper management; the worst I have ever seen.
Naomi W.
3 weeks ago
First off the front desk staff, especially Nicole and Charles, always go above and beyond to make sure residents are taken care of! But upper management isn’t the best. The communication isn’t great. We’ve had maintenance and random people walking in the apartment and won’t give a warning beforehand. It’s inconsiderate especially for someone who has renewed for several years. This has happened multiple times and my roommate has even complained about this issue months ago. It’s not safe especially for an all female apartment. There’s an issue with mold on the bathroom ceiling and walls and maintenance took months to respond to the work order, then came and did half the job, said they would come back to finish it and never did. So some spots still have mold and other spots have a yellow stain from the mold killer spray. The renovations took really long to finish (2-3 months after the original finish date) but I do understand there’s a supply chain shortage right now. WiFi doesn’t work and service is very choppy.
Kevin Stroble
8 months ago
We have three young adult children attending Penn State at University Park next year. Needless to say we have been exposed to many of the different housing opportunities available. I can not say that every experience has been good but I can say that it was fantastic at The Park in State College. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and always professional. To add the great experience, the facilities are very clean and well kept with many amenities that college students are looking for. It is a great location and provides easy access to the entire campus. I highly recommend that you check them out before making a decision on where to stay. The main reason for my review though is to provide a special shout out to Chris Crosier, the Assistant General Manager at The Park at State College. He has been wonderful to work with, he keeps his promises and has impeccable follow-up and communication skills. It comforting to know that there is someone like Chris on the management team that has such a high care factor, takes the time to understand your specific needs, provides solution opportunities for you to chose from, and then follows them through to completion. We will be recommending The Park to all of our family and friends that have students attending at State College. Thank you Chris for doing such a great job!
Ian Fraer
2 months ago
I lived here for three years for grad school. Until I moved out, I would have said the Park earned four stars. For the price it is an average to above average college apartment. Great location next to grocery stores/Atherton, not far from campus, and being next to Tudek park is a huge plus. However, the management has been a nightmare since moving out. They have charged me $330.99 in damages and cleaning fees (which is also the EXACT amount they charged my three roommates). I have sent management three emails and called asking for a real itemized list of damages and charges and I have been ignored. I asked for a copy of my move-in inspection I completed, again ignored. These charges are fraudulent, predatory, and best of all, violate the Park's own lease agreement which only says to return the apartment in a "clean and sanitary" condition. One of my charges was for a command hook on the wall. You know, one of those hooks that DOESN'T damage the wall. I also couldn't even tell you how much they charged me for that hook because the charges aren't properly itemized. And they're not itemized because it is apparent the Park charges these fees to all tenants even if you return your apartment cleaner than you received it. What makes this even worse is documenting will not help you. I have multiple pictures of my cleaned room from when I moved out, have sent them to the landlord and STILL have been ignored or told "a manager will call you" (it's been three weeks, still waiting on that phone call). I have included pictures of my apartment on move-out so you can see what the Park deems to be $330.99 in damages and cleaning.
Shravan Narayan
3 weeks ago
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