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Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos  - Gallery -  1
Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos  - Gallery -  2
Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos  - Gallery -  3
Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos  - Gallery -  4
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Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos

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Rua do Breiner

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8 mins walk to Central Porto

About Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos

Well achieved in porto! This is a great student city and you'll definitely fall in love with the environment of this vibrant city. How about staying in a student residence in cedofeita, where you can learn and exchange experiences with other young people, with the goal of making all your experience even better? You will be staying in a well-connected place should you chose to stay here, close to many public transports, as well as several cafes, restaurants and stores, and most importantly, yo...

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Shared Room
Neat Double Bedroom In Cedofeita, Bordering Massarelos
€430 Deposit
Move - In
30 Sep, 2023
Move - Out
1 - 12 MONTH
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Neat double bedroom in Cedofeita, bordering Massarelos

Porto, Portugal

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* Note:Final rent price and availability are subject to change and to be confirmed upon completing your booking.


First month rent & service fees (around 150 Euros) are requested upon booking.

For bookings more than 1 month, rent will be paid monthly.

Cancellation Policy

There are four different cancellation policies that landlords can choose from. The refund you may be entitled to receive depends on the type of cancellation policy and on the day you cancel your booking:


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