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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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Tuscaloosa Accommodation

Ion Tuscaloosa

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About Ion Tuscaloosa

This Tuscaloosa student accommodation is located in a student neighborhood with fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and Papa John's Pizza nearby. The building is surrounded by parks so you can unwind with friends in Monnish Park, Capitol Park, and Old Tavern Museum. Take the time to get to know the city's past in Old Tavern Museum and Alabama Museum of Natural History.

The building has Wi-Fi, on-site management, parking, laundry, study areas, business centre, on-site gym, and an outdoor lounge area. Internet and water are included in rent.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **


1418 10th Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, USA

It a short walk from the University of Alabama and the Tuscaloosa train station as well as other transport links. There are several grocery shops for any daily needs.

98 Reviews
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Common Social Room
Communal lounge to socialize with like-minded students.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
On-Site Management
On-site managers to ensure your safety.
Valet car parking (sometimes they're limited).
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Cancellation Policy

No exception can be made for financial hardship, academic changes, family matters, medical issues, roommate conflict or any other reason. If you did want to terminate your contract, you’d have to find someone who is new to our system, willing to sign at the same rate or higher, and sign and qualify on their own. As unless you go through the process of Mutual Termination, you will remain financially responsible for the terms of the housing agreement.

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Reviews ?

Audrey Rollins
3 weeks ago
I have lived at Ion for three years. I first started living here right after Scion took over, and while there has been a lot of positive change, there has also been negative change. For positives, the staff is wonderful. Both maintenance and the front office workers are fantastic and will work with you on most things. Good staff is hard to find, so this is a definite perk. I enjoy the amenities a lot, including the recent installation of the small grab-and-go snack center in the clubhouse. Ion has been making an effort to make positive change, and they have done a lot- the snack station, a coffee bar, redoing the floors, etc. Not to mention the location less than a mile from campus and sorority row and the spacious floor plans (compared to similar apartments nearby). However, recently I have not been able to ignore the safety issues at Ion. Many people have mentioned that the parking gate is frequently left open; this is true. In the summer, Ion left both parking gates open for over three months. However, this to me is not my biggest concern, as the gates being left open is more of a technical issue than a security issue (a few people have run into the sensor bars which makes them faulty sometimes). Firstly, it is important to note that there was a death on Ion premises this year. Attached is a screenshot of the email they sent to residents about it. While a death on the premises of an apartment building does not necessarily mean safety issues, I think it is important for anyone considering living here to know that something like this happened. Ion's response was very appropriate and prompt, which I did appreciate. Also attached you will see a picture of an exterior window of Ion Tuscaloosa with projectile marks on it. Make what you will of that, but I will say it definitely makes me feel unsure of how safe the building is. Also, Ion has very few cameras outside of the office and lounge. Today I was walking down to the office to get something and was quite shocked to see that a bucket with everyone's apartments' keys- labeled with unit numbers- was left unattended in an area with no cameras. I don't even want to think about who could have just walked by and picked up the key to my apartment without being seen. I have also had issues in the past with vandalism to my front door with the perpetrators never being caught due to there being no cameras in the residential hallways. I understand privacy concerns, but I believe it is natural to be concerned if there is no monitoring system in an apartment where most residents are 18-22 years old and frequently return to the complex intoxicated or late in the evening. In summary, I have loved my time at Ion Tuscaloosa because the staff is amazing, the amenities are amazing, and the apartment complex is really trying to bring about improvement. However, the safety concerns that have arisen in the last year have worried me, and if I was considering moving in here, I would want to know about a death on the premises and any security concerns. If Ion could effectively address these safety concerns, they would be the best apartment building in town without contest.
Jennifer Kouba
3 months ago
Shout out to the Ion staff and Kaylee Manzo the manager. The countless hours that you put in do not go unnoticed. The warm smiles from all of them was unforgetable. Thank you all for making the move in go as smooth as possible.
6 months ago
From the outside looking in, Ion looks great. Modern looking apartments, furnished, close to campus, etc. However, throughout the two years I've lived here, I have had many issues. First, I resigned early on during my first year not knowing the issues to come, but was promised a 'best rate guarantee'. When they offered new specials, I was told they did not apply to me. Several people in the office are not friendly when you have an issue. This does not speak for all, but the majority. Our unit's air conditioner went out in September, we later find out that it happened to many units in the building. It was out for two weeks - not ideal in Alabama during the month of September. We would call wanting updates and no one would be able to provide us with any. Maintenance replaced the actual thermostat and told us that would fix it... hours later, office is closed and apartment is still 80 something degrees. They finally admitted they needed an outside company to come in and fix it, which should have happened earlier but by this time it was Labor Day weekend and going to be another 4 days. Also, I have had packages delivered that I needed and office staff says they weren't going to go through them yet and asked if I could come back the next day? During the process of two new friends moving in with me in between school years, Ion had a cleaning company come in and clean their rooms. I came home from vacation to my cabinet of food/fridge/freezer being gone through, food missing, popsicle sticks left on the ground where they helped themselves, items stolen, etc. Ion was of no help in this situation - in fact acted as if they did not believe me when I had pictures of what I had come home to. Residents were told that this cleaning company would be supervised at all times. I have a constant bug problem in which I am always asking for an exterminator to come by. Also, I chose this apartment for security reasons and the gate to the parking deck has been up for probably 3+ months at this point. My roommates car was keyed and we also had a boy storm into our apartment unwanted. A police report was filed, but again, Ion does nothing. I sure do pay for a lot to be treated this way as a resident. Sure, the amenities are nice but when stuff hits the fan they are not there to help. And if your room faces the pool, good luck trying to study/nap/relax in your apartment because you will hear music blaring all day long.
Caelan Briere
11 months ago
I currently live here and it is a great place to live at. It is in a perfect spot between the school and also to everything else around the area. Also pet friendly which is awesome for my dog and I, he loves it here as well because of the little dog park and dog bathing area.
Mackenzie Whitelaw
11 months ago
Great place to live especially when you want easy and simple lease to sign. They take care of issues fast and care about the residence needs. The layout of the apartments are ideal and very spacious. The furniture is very modern and cute.
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