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Flash Sale: UCAS 2022 clearing sale is now live. Find and book your room before they sell out!

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Baton Rouge Accommodation

Ion Baton Rouge

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About Ion Baton Rouge

This Baton Rouge student accommodation is located in a student area with plenty of coffee shops and fast food outlets including Burger King, Chipotle, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Make sure you stop by LSU Museum of Natural Science and the Veteran's Memorial Park in your free time.

The building has Wi-Fi, all-inclusive bills, parking, electronic access, laundry, storage space, on-site gym, outdoor spaces, open-air dining, yoga garden, and a terrace swimming pool.

** This building listed for informational purposes only. **


740 W Chimes St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802, USA

It is a 10-minute walk to Louisiana State University and a short bus ride to Tulane University School of Medicine. There are a couple of grocery stores nearby and the Greyhound bus stop is a short walk away.

141 Reviews
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Bills Included
No extra fees for water, gas or electricity.
Your room comes with a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
On-site laundry facilities to wash & dry your clothes without having to leave the building.
On-Site Gym
Well-equipped fitness centre.
Valet car parking (sometimes they're limited).
Social Area
Social spaces for events and relaxation.
Storage Space
On-site spaces to store your belongings.
Broadband in your room and/or Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Cancellation Policy

No exception can be made for financial hardship, academic changes, family matters, medical issues, roommate conflict or any other reason. If you did want to terminate your contract, you’d have to find someone who is new to our system, willing to sign at the same rate or higher, and sign and qualify on their own. As unless you go through the process of Mutual Termination, you will remain financially responsible for the terms of the housing agreement.

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Reviews ?

Jadore Arian
3 months ago
I have been a resident for about a year and fair warning to anyone I wouldn’t move here honestly it’s overpriced just for paying for a room the halls smell like trash and you’ll probably have throw by your room which has happed to me and let’s not forget the rats in the trash. Air constantly goes out in multiple units and maintenance is nowhere to be found the washer and dryer I’m glad to have it included but you’ll have to dry them like 5 times. My dishwasher has never worked just got it fixed when I’m about to move out like that’s helpful. I’m happy to say I will not be renewing my lease. But staff is friendly very welcoming but them helping is not In the criteria.
Sofia Hale-Benson
3 months ago
it’s currently 4:30 AM & the fire alarm has been going off FOR AN HOUR. DO NOT LIVE HERE. LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE. you pay an ungodly amount of money to live in a nice apartment & the fire alarm is completely faulty & goes off at all hours in the night. i’d love to leave even worse words about this place but i don’t want this to be taken down. i am begging you. do. not. live. here.
damien flyeeguy
3 months ago
If I could give this place a negative 5 stars I would! DO NOT WASTE YOUR Money. That penthouse view online and on the tour is not in every room or penthouse! It’s only in 1 room. It’s about 200 to 300 rooms and 850+ residents hear. My African American brothers/sisters it’s so many apparments around that are much better. Below is what I paid $825 a month plus $200 registration fee for! Try the exchange, try anywhere else!!!!! I’m telling you! It’s a scams. They waited to after I paid my $1,024 to move my room. Do not do it! Nobody will silence me. I have a huge following on tiktok and I will be making videos about the ion until they let me out of my lease!
Anton Devereaux
4 months ago
I have lived at Ion for the past year now, and I honestly have had the best experience I could ask for. After reading other reviews I do not believe they can be further from the truth. The building has had issue with fire alarms, but the staff has worked hard to correct the issues, as well as keep residents up to date to the best they can. I have renewed my lease and can’t wait for a new year at Ion!
Quinesha Lanes
4 months ago
My daughter lives here and the leasing off is refusing to help with her roommate issues. Her roommate has been living there for a while and feels that she shouldn’t have to make space for her. The manager there Colin stated that he can’t help her because she grown and they don’t get into situations that involve groceries (his attempt at being condescending). He stated that she and her roommate have to figure it out on their own and if it leads to any type of confrontation they still can’t help. Ion seems to move a bit faster and are more open to help people who are not black. He also stated that there is no way he could meet with anyone because he is to busy maintaining the apartments, even though my daughter was asked to come there today but he was upstairs at a party and couldn’t come down.
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