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3 Easy Steps to Your New Student Home

How it Works

We make booking your student room quick and simple. Our website offers more than 1.5 Million rooms throughout hundreds of cities across the world, and our friendly global accommodation experts will guide you through the booking process step-by-step. 

Our services are 100% free, and there are no charges or deposits paid to us. As a student-support company, we thrive on helping you have a better student experience by finding and booking the best student accommodation to meet your needs.

As living in a new city/country can be challenging, we understand that the location, quality and price of your student accommodation will affect your overall university experience. We assist you in finding the best student home through our free services below:

Selection: We provide you with over 1.5 Million rooms across 60+ countries. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and our website only lists buildings designed and managed for university students to live in.

Support: We support you in finding the closest home to your university within your budget. Our team of accommodation experts will answer all your questions and supply you with comprehensive information on room selection, help you to complete your accommodation application and liaise with the accommodation provider to secure your new home.

3 Easy Steps to Secure Your New Student Home

View all available rooms

1. View all available rooms

Use the Casita website to view all the available rooms and reach out to our accommodation experts for information so you can choose the best student accommodation closest to your university within your budget.

Fill in the application form

2. Fill in the application form

Our accommodation experts will help you fill in the application form, ensure availability, and communicate with the buildings' booking teams for you. The whole process only takes a couple of hours.

Sign Contract and Complete the Process

3. Sign Contract and Complete the Process

We finalize all the steps with your new student home and make sure your room is secure when you arrive.

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