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UK Universities: Should Sexual Topics Be Tabooed or Discussed?

23 October, 2017

Trigger warnings have been directed at Cambridge students alerting them that a lecture on the works of Shakespeare could postulate or path the way to discussing "sexual violence" and "sexual assault". To be more specific, the plays Titus Andronicus and the Comedy of Errors are the ones under discussion.

A university spokesperson said that “it is not a policy of the English faculty to have such warnings”, adding: “Some lecturers indicate that some sensitive material will be covered in a lecture by informing the English faculty admin staff, who prepare the faculty’s notes on lectures which are distributed to English students.”

“This is entirely at the lecturer’s own discretion and is in no way indicative of a faculty-wide policy.”

On the other hand, a sexual awareness campaign is to be held across England to educate students on the matter rather than banishing it. Shag (Sexual Health And Guidance) Week promotes mostly everything students need to know about sex. Shag aims at conveying that there is no shame about getting treated when students notice that they have a rash. Also, it highlights critical information about STIs and other significant topics that parents, teachers, and university staff might feel embarrassed to discuss.

The Shag Week reps are intelligent and they understand the dilemma that university students might be facing or going through in that age. They will also be advising students on the free clinics' opening schedule, mating positions, and the consequences of a dalliance. We all have seen or heard the story of two young people giggling at the bar then go home forgetting everything. Shag reps role here is to remind students that they need meaningful and serious relationships where Ricicles are happily shared, rather than a whim.

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