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Must-Have Skills for Students Pursuing Professional Careers

Must-Have Skills for Students Pursuing Professional Careers
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 07 June, 2017

University time is the students’ peak learning and knowledge acquiring period. Being focused on developing career-bound skills will make a lot of difference after university days are over. But before rushing into all the skills that need to be developed, you need to decide on, at least, three potential careers that you will probably be pursuing after graduation. We understand that this is easier said than done, so there are some tips that you need to follow in order to choose your career effectively.

First, consider personal style. In other words, you have to understand that what works best for you might be a nightmare to your best friend, and vice versa. Every individual has a different collection of interests, hobbies, and social backgrounds which will affect their decision when it comes to the profession they want to spend their time, effort, and skills on. Second, state what you dislike before stating what you like. For example, write a list of all the potential careers ahead of you, then scratch the ones you dislike the most. Psychologists claim that it is always easier to tackle negative emotions; use this fact to serve your purpose. Finally, make sure that the remaining potential careers are strongly related to your general fields of interests, in addition of course, to your studies.

Now you have reached a good phase: starting to list the skills needed to be better at the career fields in front of you. But remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to employment, which means that you could be a medical student, yet, you are utterly interested in computer programming. List these outsiders too, because that means you are willing to develop yourself, and that itself is a great trait.

In due course, a handful of skills is needed regardless of the specified potential careers that you are pursuing. Employers, in the process of hiring, initially look for basic skills then move to the more precise ones. So, in order to make it easier for you, as a student, you need to develop these 5 basic skills during your university days.

1. Adaptability

It is not easy to always expect changes and adapt to them; however, this is one of the most needed skills in the working world. All job environments are jeopardised to radical changes at any given time, and as an employee, it is expected to be flexible and versatile as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As a university student, you can develop this skill by travelling independently to study abroad, or getting a part-time job while studying. If those are inapplicable, monitor your mentality when you discover that your professor gave you a short-notice assignment or quiz. Working on this skill will also develop your reliability and sense of responsibility. The best available example is being a part of a competitive sport; you will have to adapt to whatever happens during the game, depend on yourself, and make your team know that they can depend on you as well.

2. Teamwork

Knowing how to collaborate effectively and professionally with colleagues is rather a talent than a skill. As a student, you will have to submit different assignments and participate in numerous projects and presentations, which all require efficient teamwork. As a result, as a job candidate, you will be expected to know how to handle working with other people. This talent postulates a set of skills; when acquired, you will be mastering teamwork, leadership, tolerating cultural diversities, interpersonal skills, flexibility, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Noteworthy to stress that self-motivation and the ability to motivate others will be evolving to complete the project as great as possible.

3. Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, and Creativity

Some individuals might have interpersonal skills, flexible nature, and tolerance of cultural differences, yet they do not find themselves in teamwork. That is when self-awareness becomes essential and critical. As a university student, you will be going through a phase of self-exploration and monitoring, and when you do, categorise yourself: Do you prefer working alone or within a team? Answering this question will help you with choosing the precise field that you want to pursue within the career you have already chosen. Still, interpersonal skills and tolerance of diverse cultures are necessary. Remember, there is no wrong or right answer here because most of the great works humankind have ever produced was done in solitude.

Creativity and novelty do not have to be done within a preset environment; everybody has different aspects that inspire and trigger their creativity. Offering genuine solutions and taking different paths from the ones who used to do what you are doing now is a courageous initiation. As a student, an employer, and even in personal life, initiation and decision-making are always appreciated and show eagerness and passion about what you do. Self-confidence plays an important role here, as some students might have novel ideas and decision to be made, yet, never communicate them or initiate creating new criteria.

4. Time Management  

There is no shortcut to this one; you have to learn it the hard way. Scheduling, rescheduling, swapping, and then crumple that old schedule and create a totally different one. Yes, that’s it. Time management needs practising and patience. Every individual has a different lifestyle and no one could scribble a great schedule for you except you, however, there are set of basic rules to follow in order to get the most out of your tight schedule. In order to rally, try handling the timeline of managing course projects, or plan that trip around Europe with your friends. You can also participate in organising charity and/or sports events, and do not forget to schedule your own studying schedule. See our Time Management Techniques & Procrastination Antidotes for International Students blog for more details.

5. Computer Skills

One of the most important facilities that Casita offers in its buildings is Wi-Fi since almost all of the students’ assignments now are submitted online or to the Universities’ online platforms. Basic computer skills are always needed, especially when it comes to Microsoft Word, internet research, and basic business analyses tools.

Now that you have finished the development of your basic skills, you can start working on the specified ones, such as languages, technicalities, problem-solving, negotiating, and so on. You can get into the practising field if you joined your university’s Students’ Union, as it gives you a great opportunity to interact with people in various situations which will, of course, improve your overall skills.

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