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Entertaining Outings for Students in London, May 2017

Entertaining Outings for Students in London, May 2017
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 14 May, 2017

As a student residing and studying in London, you will have to keep up with your studies and lectures, as well as all the entertainment that the city is offering. London is a vibrant city, and enjoying yourself every once in a while could be costly; however, we have gathered for you some information in order to help you chill for free or with affordable rates. 

1. Music

The world’s most ancient and grandest music hall, Wilton’s Music Hall, is in London, and you can take a tour and inspect it for only £6.

If you are more into live music, do not worry, because London never misses out. Free concerts are run by musicians studying at the Royal College of Music across London. You will be the luckiest if one of your flatmates is already attending this college or Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Free musical venues are also being held in the Royal Festival Hall and/or Queen Elizabeth Hall. 

Are you into Jazz? If yes, London is the perfect place for you. All you need to do is going to the Nightjar bar to enjoy Jazz music for prices starting from £4.

Do your flatmates complain about your poor singing skills and you cannot let your energy out? You can sing at the top of your lungs in Karaoke Box for prices starting from £5 per person per hour. 

Festivals are also a regular occurrence in London. Arch Music and Beer Festival held in the Underdog Gallery is completely for free, and you can reach it through a three-minute walk from the London Bridge underground station. On Saturday the 13th of May live bands will be performing from 12 PM till 1 AM, and on Sunday the 14th of May DJSet will start from 2:30 pm till 10:30 pm

If you are more into dancing and partying, Silent Sounds Boat Party tickets are from £25. It takes place in the Dutch Master, Tower Millennium Pier, adjacent to the Tower of London.

Salsa dancing, partying, and live Cuban music is available for free every Friday if you arrive before 8 PM. 

Remember to check the classical ballet and hip hop dance classes that are provided at the Pineapple Dance Studios starting from £7, if you want to learn some steps.

2. Entertainment

If you are looking for a brand-new twisted outing, the Twisted Circus entertaining performances are on stage every Saturday until the 27th of May. Tickets start from £15. The performance is held in Stables Market in Camden. 

Swimming is widely known for being a stress relief when needed. London’s tremendous lidos are great for a £2 enlivening swim. It is student-friendly and for sure, budget-friendly. 

If your refreshing techniques are rather adventurous, you can try climbing the 311 steps to reach the top of The Monument for only £4, but do not forget your camera; the views of London up there are enviable. Or you can hop into a 30-minute rowboat on Hyde Park’s famous Serpentine Lake for £10. Hiring a bicycle for £2 to explore London is also a great environment-friendly choice, yet cheap, to enjoy the vibrant city.

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