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May 2017: Free and on Budget Destinations for Students in London

May 2017: Free and on Budget Destinations for Students in London

As a student in London, you will have to watch your finances and keep your expenses as limited as possible. London is an expensive city, indeed; however, there are numerous places, events, museums, and worldly landmarks that you can enjoy for free, or with low expenses.


London launches monthly free art exhibitions, and this month: May, ‘A World View: John Latham films’showreel’ is being held, as well as ‘You Are Looking at Something That NeverOccurred’ photography show, and ‘Secundino Hernández: Paso, and Ryoji Ikeda: π,e, ø’. You can visit East London street art area, specifically Shoreditch, Middlesex and Sclater streets, which are well-known for having enviable graffiti. The National Gallery permanent collections are always for free as well; the gallery houses masterpieces by Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Renoir, Michelangelo, in addition to other various artists. In addition to Van Gogh’s work, you can enjoy Paul Gauguin as well at the Courtauld Gallery’s permanent collection (£7). If you are more into Picasso, Bonnard, Rothko, Warhol andBourgeoise, you can visit ‘Tate Modern’ art gallery. Contemporary art is at the free ‘White Cube’ art gallery. Inspirational and artistic animation, picture books, and political cartoons are seen at the House of Illustration with low prices (£7.50).


The historic city, London, has numerous museums to educate local and foreign visitors about UK’s history. TheBritish Museum is accessible with no charges, as well as Victoria & AlbertMuseum, the Science Museum, and Sir John Soane's Museum. Others are reachable at low prices, such as London Canal Museum (£4), Brunel Museum 6, CartoonMuseum (£7), and The Cinema Museum (£10), as well as the Prince Charles Cinema(£8) to watch vogue or classic films on weekday afternoons.

Medical students will surely be interested in visiting The Old Operating Theatre & Herb Garret (£7.50) to witness the proof of some old surgical techniques existence, whereas engineering students or students interested in machines are more likely to visit the Kirkaldy Testing Museum (£5). For students majoring in Astronomy stellar studies, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich (£7.50) is the perfect moon, constellations, and planets live show for you there is. No matter what your major is, you should visit the Museum of Brands, Packaging, andAdvertising (£7.50) to experience a nostalgic aura through chronologically ordered children toys, fashion, products’ packaging, and magazines from theVictorian age till the present time.


One of UK’s most famous novelist’s museums, Charles Dickens Museum (£9), is in Holborn, London, which is Dickens’ former home. This museum might be an interesting sight for literature lovers, as well as Dr Johnson’s House museum (£6) - the writer and lexicographer, and Keats House Museum (£6.50) - the famous romantic poet’s former house. If you are keen on viewing original manuscripts and historic texts for Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, and Shakespeare, visiting the British Library (£8) is a must then. You can also watch one ofShakespeare’s plays at Shakespeare's Globe (£12.50), and later, you can visit Sherlock Holmes Museum (£15). For Harry Potter fans, you can visit theHarry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ for some magical souvenirs.

Before heading to any of the aforementioned destinations, remember that a walk across London Bridge while admiring the vastness and ancientness of the Big Ben and the House of Parliament are free, yet one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. London is one of the most vibrant cities around the globe, and it offers something for everyone, regardless of their cultural background.

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