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Halloween 31st October, Events & Scarefests in the UK

Halloween 31st October, Events & Scarefests in the UK
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 08 October, 2018

Halloween student parties in the UK are well-known among university students. As an international student, you can ask around at your university or college in the UK about your friends’ Halloween plans. There is not only a scare-fest in London, but all over the UK, there are ones. But you need not get your hopes up. Is Halloween a holiday in the UK? Most students ask about this. Actually, it is not. It is not even a bank holiday. Banks, universities, colleges, schools, businesses, stores, and other organizations are running as usual. 

1. Halloween Events in the UK 

From London, Glasgow, and Manchester to Brighton and Oxford, Halloween events in the UK 2018 take place in multiple cities. Most fresh students in the UK will Google the ‘Halloween activities near me’ phrase. Halloween events in London are distributed between its many areas so students can easily reach for them. There are A London Dungeon hunt and A night at the museum in Greenwich that students will surely find entertaining this October in the UK

Some other famous Halloween activities in the UK are Manchester’s first Halloween festival, Fright Festival in Brighton, Be thrilled at Alton Towers, Solve a Murder Mystery in Glasgow, Ghost Fest at Oxford Castle, Historical Halloween in Cornwall, Vampire Pleasure Beach, and Brick or Treat at Legoland. 

Trick or Treat on a pumpkin

2. Halloween Costumes in the UK

It is traditional for people to wear scary costumes for Halloween. Children also dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating around their neighbourhoods. Frightening costumes now are too traditional that people sometimes go for cute ones. Nowadays Halloween costumes in the UK range from ghosts, vampires, witches, and a character from a horror film to bats, spiders, and black cats. Skeletons too and many other patterns are used on outfits, but Halloween is still marked mainly by black and orange because of its most famous symbol: Jack o' Lantern.

3. Haunted Castle Tours in the UK

One of the most attractive features of the UK is its perfect blend of historical architecture and modern life. To enjoy your Halloween to its fullest, try visiting one of the UK’s haunted castles and make an unforgettable spooky Halloween night. The most famous ones are Eerie Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Frightful Fraser Castle in Aberdeenshire, Petrifying Portchester Castle in Portsmouth, and The Terrifying Tower of London.
Bonus stay-home Halloween activity: Turn off the lights, shine a torch under your chin, and tell your scariest tales to your British or non-British student accommodation roommates in the UK. Being a student in the UK is a unique memory for everyone.

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