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5 Tips for Studying in a Foreign Language

5 Tips for Studying in a Foreign Language
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 24 December, 2018

Studying abroad in another language could be a bit confusing at first. Understanding, memorising, and asking and answering questions would have been a whole lot easier if they were in your mother tongue. So here are some study tips for international students:

1. Watch Movies

Yes, watching movies! Watching English movies with English subtitles is a great start to learning any foreign language. First, your ears will be familiarized with the language’s sounds, which is essential to language learning. Second, you will simultaneously read the words that you hear to know how to pronounce them. Go to the on-site cinema room in your student accommodation in the UK or Australia and gather with your flatmates to learn together. It is both fun and educational!

2. Listen to Songs

If you do not have time to watch movies, you can simply play an English radio channel next to you while you are studying or in your free time. Again, this will make you get a better grasp of the sounds of the language and be able to interpret the meaning from the context.

3. Download On-The-Go Learning Apps

There are some great learning apps that could be used in order to boost your learning journey. Download one for English learning and another dictionary app. One of the best language learning apps is Duolingo. Even if you think that hardcopy dictionaries are old-fashioned, it would be beneficial to get one as well. 

4. Practise

If you want to know how to learn a new language quickly, practising is the answer. This point is hugely connected to the last one. Learning a new language requires practice, whether verbal or written. The more you listen and read, the better you speak and write. It is really great when you start testing your newly learned vocabulary with your student accommodation flatmates in the UK or Australia. If you are stressed while talking in a foreign language, try it alone in front of the mirror first. While studying, you can write down all the words you do not understand and look them up and study them too. 

5. Make New Friends

This one has a dual effect; you can make new friends through knowing a foreign language or learning one. Try talking to random people in the nearby cafe or on-campus even and make some new friends whom their mother tongue is the one you are trying to learn.

Bonus Tip: Think in the foreign language you are trying to learn not in your mother tongue.

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