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5 Interesting Facts About Liverpool

5 Interesting Facts About Liverpool

Created At:01 May, 2019
Created By:Amal Ahmed
Updated At:14 March, 2023
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Liverpool city is one of the greatest cities in the UK to study in and to know some interesting facts about too. It’s a shame to embark on this experience without getting to know more about the people and rich culture. The city is known for many things and knowing what to do in Liverpool needs a bit of guidance. Here’s a list to help you out:

1. Who are the Kopites?

It’s no secret that Liverpool is highly associated internationally with its major football teams, Liverpool FC and Everton. When you visit Liverpool, you’ll notice the fans. They call themselves Kopites. The name is a tribute to the fans who once stood and currently sit on the Kop in Anfield Stadium, one of the most famous football stadiums in the world. Liverpool FC has won the Premier League an astounding 18 times, gathering Liverpool FC trophies, while Everton won an equally-impressive 15 times. One of the funny facts about Liverpool FC is that they make funny jokes up about themselves and the other teams.

Liverpool FC

2. Liverpudlians or Scousers?

When living in Liverpool, you will notice natives often referring to themselves as Scousers. That word is derived from Lobscouse, a type of Scouse food in the form of beef stew that was popular among sailors working on the city’s seaports back in the 19th century. Today, Scousers meaning is simply the people of Liverpool. They are known for their noticeable Scouser accent and Scouser jokes, let alone their Scouser slang. Whether it’s your teachers or classmates, you’ll enjoy getting to know them.  

Another popular term is Liverpudlians. The word itself has a connection to the word “puddle” meaning a small pool because the city started out as a tidal pool of the River Mersey. Therefore, a native is a Liver-puddle-ian or “Liverpudlian.”

3. It Has a World Heritage Site

Speaking of the city’s seaports, a great achievement in Liverpool’s history is the fact that UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site back in 2004, a status given to world-renowned attractions like the Great Wall of China or the grand Taj Mahal.

The site goes along the lines of Liverpool’s waterfront, starting at the Royal Albert Dock to the Pier Head and Stanley Dock. It includes the historic St George’s Quarter as well, where you can check out the beautiful architecture of St George’s Hall. You can also find many great examples of the docks’ construction from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Did you know that the famous Kingsway Tunnel, which connects Liverpool to the Wallasey under the River Mersey, opened to the public in 1971?

This is one of the most significant facts about Liverpool in the 1970s.

World Heritage Sights in Liverpool

4. It Has the Heaviest Bells in the World

Liverpool doesn’t just stop there! Seeing Liverpool Cathedral architecture is one of the most famous free things to do in Liverpool. Giles Gilbert Scott is the architect who designed the Cathedral with the highest and heaviest bells in the whole world. An interesting fact is that each one of the thirteen bells of the cathedral, that has a one-of-a-kind architect design, has a name. Each is chosen by very prominent people in the Cathedral and related to characters from the Bible.

It is located in Liverpool’s city centre, so you better get accommodation there to reach it easily. Check our Vita Student Liverpool student accommodation. It is a 6-minute stroll away.

Liverpool arts are popular

5. Famous Scousers and Liverpool Arts

The city is artistic. Liverpool is known as the Capital of Pop and for good reasons. The most famous people from Liverpool include none other than The Beatles, the most recognized band on the planet. Liverpool actually has the Guinness world record for having the biggest number of artists with Hit Singles than any other city. Other Liverpool musicians are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Melanie C, Atomic Kitten, and many more.

Liverpool comedians are also quite famous globally, such as John Bishop, Brendan Riley, and Anvil Springsteen. If arts and architecture are what you enjoy, there is no shortage of it in Liverpool. The Liverpool City Council, the governing body of the city, is quite an amazing piece of architecture.

Did you know that Liverpool has the greatest number of museums and art galleries than any other place outside London?

You should really make use of your time living in Liverpool and make a Liverpool museum hunt!

Do you know what else Liverpool is well-known for? Its amazing universities. Check our Liverpool student accommodation near Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool.

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