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5 Essential Skills for Employability in the UK

5 Essential Skills for Employability in the UK
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 04 October, 2017

Earlier, we have tackled the 5 must-have skills for students regardless of the specific potential careers that they might be pursuing, but what if we tackled these very specific skills? It is very hard to do so because there are numerous and various fields and gathering all the skills needed for each major could take years. However, there are some more specified skills that students should develop as they are almost always necessary.

1. Online/Digital Marketing

It is undoubtful that marketing is needed in all start-ups and established businesses, so digging a little deeper into the art of marketing products and ideas is a huge plus. Marketing is a wide field with numerous branches; however, negotiating skills and SEO knowledge is always an asset to get any job you desire.

Digital Marketing

2. Business Writing

Most of our jobs, no matter how practical, require paperwork, reports, and emails. Improving your business writing skills as well as report writing ones will help you a lot when it comes to working in a real company with a team or even as an individual. Spelling mistakes, punctuation, appropriate and polite email closures are always recommended in the business environment. If you are responsible for a team, and you need to report its progress, writing a neat report will greatly help the teams image. Also, if you have to create some social media posts, incorrect language use will hurt your credibility.

3. Public Speaking

This one is tricky, but a skill you should practice regularly. As a member of a company, regardless of its size, you will need to talk to your colleagues and team members every now and then even if it's about not leaving that window open before leaving the office. The thing is HOW you say it, not what you are saying. This how needs to be outlined in positive terms and understanding the impact of your words when it comes to advising your team on further improvements. In addition, presentations and reports will surely need an introduction no matter how explanatory they are.

Public Speaking and Presentation SKills

4. Photoshop and Illustrator 

In this technology-frenzy world, you have to stay ahead as best you can. So, even some basic knowledge on how to use these two Adobe monsters will add value to your employability. Most of the employers now depend on social media graphics to brand and advertise their products and services, so it will be awesome to give them a hand along with presenting your own novel ideas.

5. Leadership/Management

This skill has numerous sub-skills undergoing it, such as commitment, dedication, attention to details, problem-solving skills, tactfulness, sense of responsibility and last but not least, workplace ethics and integrity. These are all the factors that make a great leader, not a boss. Managing is not limited to team members; it postulates managing time, projects, priorities, and controlling one’s self.

Mastering these skills will give you a great position wherever you go because you will always be able to give a hand to other teams and departments when needed.

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