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2018 UCAS Clearing in the UK

2018 UCAS Clearing in the UK
Created By: Ola ElWassifyon 10 August, 2018

The A-Level long-awaited results are almost out. UCAS Clearing gives students the opportunity to find places at a university with vacant places in their on-offer courses.

This mainly is for a student who did not receive their offers, has rejected offers, or did better than they expected and want to change their choice. Applications received after June the 30th, 2018, are automatically entered into Clearing. It closes on the 23rd of October and until then, applicants via Clearing are still accepted by universities and college.

Regularly sign in the UCAS track and check it because when you become eligible to use a clearing, an 'Add Clearing' choice will appear on your Track Choices screen.

Make sure you search for the available courses on the UCAS website and shortlist the UCAS clearing courses you are interested in from the UCAS clearing list. Also, prepare a back-up plan; look for other universities offering the same courses or similar ones that have lower grade requirements if you are worried you might not make the required grades.

Bear in mind that universities are generally less impressed if a parent calls on the behalf of the university goer himself, so make sure you are the one who calls the university, as these calls are more like mini-interviews and you have to discuss your motives for choosing the course you are applying for. Prepare all your documents and important information, like your UCAS ID/number, clearing number and of course your grades. You might want to write them down because on the heat of the call you might forget the exact info needed. It is of utmost importance to make sure that the course you are set up for is something you are really interested in and can study for the next 3 or 4 years.

When leaving your email, get the caller to repeat it back to you, phonetically, so you make sure they got the correct one. Jot down the name of the person you spoke to, just in case, and leave your phone number as well.

Expect some universities to ask for scanned copies of your qualification certificates so make sure you can do that on the same day. In order not to forget which university required what, get a pen and paper in hand and write down the requirement of each university right next to it.

The Clearing is an extremely stressful time and it is a process that many students go through, so be calm and try to figure out as many alternative options as possible to ease it on you.

The UCAS contact number is 0371 368 0468 for UK callers or +44 330 333 0230 for callers outside of the UK.

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