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Student accommodation in Wisconsin

Student accommodation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is located in the north of the states bordered by Michigan and Lake Superior to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Illinois to the south, and Minnesota and Iowa to the west and southwest. It is a state with a rich heritage dating back to 1848 when it was accepted as the 30th state into the Union. It is referred to as America’s Dairyland as it has a deep-rooted agricultural history, and it is known for its dairy products.

The state has 85 high educational institutions making it a perfect student city in the USA. If you are interested in a student home in Wisconsin, you will find multiple homes around the famous universities in the state. The University of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Lawrence University, and Northland College are few of these distinguished universities. These Wisconsin universities and colleges are known for their diversity, student activities, and perfect student accommodations. Moreover, there are multiple public libraries near many of these universities, such as Madison Public Library and Milwaukee Public Library.

As an international student living in Wisconsin, you should know the weather to bring suitable clothes. The state is known for long cold winters and short warm summers. The temperature in January can fall to 10 °F (−12 °C) in the north to 20s F (−6 °C) in the southeast; in July, the weather is much warmer ranging from the mid-60s F (19 °C) in the north to the low 70s F ( 22 °C) in the south. 

If you wish to check out some of the attractions in Wisconsin, the 19th-century Pabst Theater has been recently renovated offering an excellent destination for art-lovers to attend the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Florentine Opera, the Milwaukee Ballet, and the Bel Canto Chorus. Moreover, Milwaukee Art Museum has a collection of 25,000 artefacts and antiquity and is one of the largest museums in the USA. The state is also famous for its lakes, around 15,000 lakes with great locations for trips and outings.

Transportation in Wisconsin are easy and accessible as there are a variety of affordable transportation for students to help them reach their universities ranging from bus lines to train routes. Amtrak train service (USA passenger railway) offers two routes: The Hiawatha Service; a short train route covering all parts of Wisconsin and The Empire Builder which offers longer rides from and to the state. Also, there are 80 paved bike trails for those who like to move around conveniently!

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