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Student Quadruple Room in London

Student Quadruple Room in London

Studying in London is a great step for international students. London is among the best student cities in the UK and globally as well. It has a huge number of student housings to accommodate the number of students coming to the city from all around the world. As the largest city in England and the UK, the capital is popular for being culturally diverse. 

The enviable history of London is about 2000 years old. The Romans founded London in the year AD 43 and referred to it as Londinium. London city is well-known as the biggest financial hub on a global scale. It generates more business, money, and wealth than any other city in Europe, making it a great place for employment and definitely part-time student jobs. It boasts culture, education, entertainment, business, fashion, lifestyle, sports, healthcare, and, of course, safety. Whichever student residence you choose, you will surely have many places nearby to explore.

The city has a unique beauty every season. It’s important for students to have heavy jackets and rain clothes since cloudy weather and light rain are dominant throughout the year. Accuweather London is a great student reference for daily weather in London.

International students in London will feel right at home. London has an estimated 300 languages spoken in the Greater London region alone. The student population in London has exceeded 100,000, who come from 200 different nations from all over the world. London ranked as the best city worldwide for university students in 2018. Furthermore, it is home to 4 universities that ranked among the 40 top universities in the world: Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), London School of Economics and Political Science, and King’s College London. Other top universities are London South Bank University, Middlesex UniversityUniversity of LondonUniversity of the Arts Londonand London Metropolitan University, among many others.

It attracts more tourists every year than any other city in the world, which is evidence of London's attractiveness on a global scale. More than 20 million tourists visit London every year (over 50,000 per day) which also makes London’s airport network the busiest in the world. 

Many people come to visit London attractions and cultural sites, including the greatest collection of galleries and museums on the planet, and the historical sites like the Tower of London, Buckingham PalaceSt Paul’s Cathedral, and hundreds more. Students will find many amazing places to visit in London for free.

The massive underground network is perfect to get around London, referred to as the Tube. Students will enjoy having a Student Oyster Travel Card. It is a sort of contactless card used for the underground and buses, with discounted rates for students. Walking and cycling are great ways to explore the city as well.

Living in London as a student will be the best experience in every possible way. Some of our London-related blogs are 12 Interesting Facts about London, 5 Best Flea & Street Markets in London, Hidden Spots in London You Never Knew, and Top Study Locations in London.

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