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Student Penthouse Room in Leeds

Find the best selection of student Penthouse Room in <b>Leeds</b>. Casita helps you choose from student housing across a wide selection of rooms, amenities and rates.

Leeds is a city located on the banks of River Aire right in the heart of the United Kingdom. It is a vibrant city with a rich past as it went through a huge industrial revolution in the 18th century. It is currently a city with breathtaking architecture and an international attraction for shopping addicts and traders. The city has a wide range of art venues, including world-class theatres, art exhibitions, galleries, and art centres.

The city houses a large number of highly ranked universities, including The University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, and The University of Law - Leeds. The University of Leeds alone ranks as the 5th university in the UK in terms of enrolment with an annual enrolment of 33 thousand students. It ranks as the 31st best university in Europe as well, which makes it an ideal destination for international students. Leeds has the 4th largest number of university students in the UK, over 70 thousand, more than 10% of the city's population.

If you are a student living in Leeds, you should visit the main city attractions like the Leeds City Museum, Abbey House and Museum, and the Leeds Industrial Museum. The Leeds City Museum is a free museum that holds various exhibitions with artefacts that represent the history of the city and the world. It is a good place to explore, whether you are interested in Egyptian history or the Greek art of pottery. Abbey House is another free city attraction in Aire Valley. It includes the remains of an ancient chapterhouse along with a roofless church, a narrow choir, and a ruined tower. These remains are currently used as an educational centre with various workshops about life during the Victorian era.

Other free things to do in Leeds include searching for Owl Trails in the city. Owls are the unofficial animal of Leeds; they appear on the coat of arms and they are scattered around the old buildings of the city. If you are the type who loves treasure hunting, try hunting for the owl trails. You can do so using this easy-to-follow map for directions. Leeds has a lot of free festivals you can visit too. The Leeds Indie Food Festival is a recommended festival for foodies. This May festival celebrates street food from around the world. Other festivals worth checking out include the Leeds Digital Festival, Leeds Film City Festival, and Leeds Opera Festival. 

Finally, you can not think about visiting all these places without thinking about the perfect way to get to them. Leeds has a very simple bus system that you can easily follow and you can check the bus schdule here. You can also use the National Rail website to check out train routes if you are more interested in riding the train. Leeds is only 2 hours away from London and less than 1 hour from Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield.

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